2010 Ranger Programs

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					            Wachusett Reservoir
            department of Conservation and Recreation


            2010 Ranger Programs
            All Programs are on Saturdays, FREE, and are open to the public. An adult
            must accompany children. For more information or for directions call the
            Wachusett Reservoir Ranger Station at: (978) 365-3800.


        May 1                   BEGINNERS BIRDING WALK
        8-10 A.M.               The walk will include identification and habitat requirements of several bird
                                species that rely on the clean water of the reservoir in order to survive.
                                Please wear hiking boots or sneakers. Several bird books and binoculars will
                                be available but feel free to bring your own. Meet at the Bob’s hotdog
                                triangle at the intersection of Routes 12 and 140 in West Boylston.

        May 8                   WAUSHACUM PARK TOUR
        10 A.M.                 Join the Rangers and the Sterling Historic Society for an
                                approximate mile long walking tour of the site of the former
                                Waushacum Park. This park was once a number one destination for
                                company picnics and rail going vacationers. The merry go round,
                                dance hall, steam boat, and other attractions were dismantled by the
                                state in the early 1900’s to protect the water quality of the Wachusett
                                Reservoir. Meet at the Gates Rd. Rail Trail parking lot in Sterling.

        June 5                  LEARN TO FISH
        9-11 A.M.               This program will focus on fishing techniques, species that live in the
                                reservoir, the importance of keeping the water clean (lead and mercury
                                free), and being an environmentally responsible angler. A group fishing
                                license as well as fishing poles and tackle will be provided by the Mass.
                                Department of Fish and Wildlife. Meet at the Old Stone Church on
                                Beaman Street in West Boylston.

        June 19                 INTRODUCTION TO FLY FISHING
        9-11 A.M.               This program will include an introduction on the basic equipment
                                needed to get started, basic fly casting lessons, and techniques used for
                                fly fishing. Rods and ties will be available for use but feel free to bring
                                your own equipment. At the conclusion participants will have a chance
                                at using their newly learned skills on the Quinapoxet River. Bring
                                along waders if you wish to fish above the dam. Meet at the MWRA
                                Facility, 51 River Rd, West Boylston.

    July 24                     PROTECTING YOUR WATERSHED
                                Ever wonder why dogs aren’t allowed on watershed land? Or why
        1 P.M.
                                DCR staff harasses seagulls off of the reservoir waters? We will be
                                here to answer all of your questions and more. Learn about the steps
                                you can take toward watershed protection and water conservation.
                                The program will also provide an overview of the primary function of
                                each section of the DCR Watershed Management Division, a tour of the
                                MWRA facility, and a water quality demonstration. Meet at the MWRA
                                Facility, 51 River Road, West Boylston.
                   All are invited for a fun day of Geocaching at the Wachusett
 10-2 P.M.
                   Watershed. Adults and families are welcome to come and locate
                   caches at historical and scenic locations. Please bring your GPS and a
                   sense of adventure. The event will be posted on www.geocaching.com.
                   Meet the Rangers at the DCR Division of Water Supply Headquarters,
                   180 Beaman St., West Boylston. From there participants will be given
                   the coordinates to 7 different locations within the watershed. Sites will
                   vary in terrain so visit as many or as few as you like. Locate them all
                   and win a prize!

                    Come and meet the Rangers and hear all about the history behind the
  11 A.M.
                   Wachusett Reservoir. Learn how and why the reservoir was
                   constructed in the Nashua River Valley over 100 years ago. Listen to
                   spooky legends and fun facts about the reservoir. There will be a
                   slideshow presentation inside of the Old Stone Church as well as a
                   display of actual photographs taken before and during the reservoir
                   construction. Bring a chair along if you would like to sit. Meet at The
                   Old Stone Church on Beaman Street in West Boylston

September 25       SPRINGDALE MILL DAY
                   Wachusett Greenways will be hosting their annual Springdale Mill
                   Day. During this event, the DCR Rangers will be offering an
                   interpretive bicycle tour of the area. Rangers will take participants on a
                   bike ride stopping at points of interest along the way to the historic
                   Springdale Mill site. This program is designed to educate the general
                   public in the uses, responsibilities, and benefits of living in a protected
                   watershed. Please bring your own bike, helmet, and water. Meet at
                   the Mass. Central Rail Trail parking lot in West Boylston.

October 9           NATURE HIKE
 10 A.M.           Take a hike with Ranger Nate to explore the natural wonders of the
                   Reservoir. He will lead a 1 ½ hour hike exploring the watershed while
                   learning why and how the DCR protects the land for water quality.
                   Please bring comfortable shoes, water, and your questions about the
                   watershed. Meet at Reservoir Gate 22, Route 140, West Boylston.

10A.M. – 12 P.M.   The rangers and interpretive staff will lead a guided hike into the
                   woodlands surrounding the reservoir and will explore the former
                   homestead sites that once stood in the valley. The rangers will discuss
                   land use changes, reservoir history, and clean drinking water needs.
                   Interpretive staff will explore the stonewalls that surround the area and
                   discuss their history, age, and purpose. Please wear hiking boots or
                   sneakers. Meet at the parking lot at the intersection of Route 110 and
                   Chase Hill Rd. in Sterling.