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									FeedJournal Basic                         6/26/2010 at 2:48:00 PM - 6/27/2010 at 5:52:08 AM                                       

How Turkey was lost
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del            also welcomed Khaled Mashaal,                                                       today, however, could be akin to
Zion para Israel - Daughter of            leader of its most extreme and                                                      transferring it to Hamas, Sudan, or
Zion for Israel)                          recalcitrant faction, as his personal                                               Iran. Does President Obama really
                                          guest.                                                                              want to deliver the F-35 Joint Strike
Submitted at 6/26/2010 4:31:00 PM           The question for policymakers,                                                    Fighter to a hostile Turkey, Iran’s
 How Turkey was lost This is part of      however, should not be whether                                                      chief regional defender, as promised
a very long piece in Commentary by        Turkey is lost but rather how Erdogan                                               in 2014? Should Turkey even remain
Michael Rubin that attempts to piece      could lead a slow-motion Islamic                                                    in NATO? After all, half a century
together how the West totally missed      revolution below the West’s radar.                                                  ago, NATO learned to live without
the signals that Turkey was going         This is both a testament to Erdogan’s                                               France.
Islamist.                                 skill and a reflection of Western                                                    Losing Turkey is tragic, but failing to
 A decade ago, Turks saw themselves       delusion. Before taking power,              headscarf was the only metric by        recognize its loss can only compound
in a camp with the United States,         Erdogan and his advisers cultivated         which to judge Islamist                 the tragedy. The worst outcome,
Western Europe, and Israel; today         Western opinion makers. He                  encroachment. For Erdogan,              however, would be to let strategic
Turkish self-identity places the          concentrated not on American pundits        however, the scarf was a symbol; the    denial block assessment of lessons
country firmly in a camp led by Iran,     who found U.S. policy insufficiently        state was the goal.                     learned. As mayor of Istanbul,
Syria, Sudan, and Hamas. Turkey           leftist and sympathetic to the Islamic        Even after Erdogan began to           Erdogan quipped, “‘Democracy is
may be a NATO member, but polls           world but rather on natural critics,        eviscerate the checks and balances of   like a streetcar. When you come to
nevertheless show it to be the world’s    hawkish American supporters of              Turkish society, European officials     your stop, you get off.” Perhaps, in
most anti-American country                Turkey and Israel who helped                and American diplomats remained in      hindsight, the West’s mistake was to
(although, to be fair, the Pew Global     introduce Erdogan confidantes to            denial. Certainly moral equivalency     ignore the danger of Erdogan’s
Attitudes Project did not conduct         Washington policymakers.                    played a role: as Erdogan asked last    ascendance into the driver’s seat.
surveys in Libya or North Korea).          After consolidating power, however,        October, why should Turkey accept        Read it all. When you’re done, you’ll
Nor do Turks differentiate between        the AKP did not cultivate Jewish and        the Western definition of secularism?   realize that there’s nothing left to be
the U.S. government and the               pro-Israel groups, but they did little to   For too many Western officials,         saved with Turkey. It’s all over. And
American people: they hate                sever the relationships. Turks              however, to acknowledge Turkey’s        you’ll wonder why the Israeli
Americans almost as much as they          traditionally looked kindly on Israel       turn would be to admit the failure of   government doesn’t just shut down
hate Washington. This is no accident.     and Jews; of all the peoples of the         moderate Islamism. To criticize         the embassy and bring the diplomats
From almost day one, Erdogan has          Ottoman Empire, the Jews in                 Erdogan’s motivations would be          home, and whether the US is really
encouraged, and his allies have           Palestine were one of the few who           racist.                                 going to allow Turkey to stay in
financed, a steady stream of anti-        had not revolted against the Ottoman        …                                       NATO and deliver the F-35 JSF to it
American and anti-Semitic                 Sultan. In the 1980s and 1990s,              Turkey today is an Islamic republic    in 2014.
incitement. Certainly, many Turks         Turkey and Israel had much in               in all but name. Washington, its         posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:31
opposed the liberation of Iraq in         common: both were democracies               European allies, and Jerusalem must     AM
2003, but this was largely because        amid a sea of autocracy. They               now come to terms with Turkey as a       Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Erdogan bombarded them with anti-         enjoyed close diplomatic, economic,         potential enemy. Alas, even if the      Israel
American incitement before                and military relations. So many             AKP were to exit the Turkish stage      • Fish Tales When I casually read the
Parliament’s vote, which withdrew         Israeli tourists visited Turkey that        tomorrow, the changes Erdogan’s         headline that Sec. of State Hillary
the support promised to the operation.    Hebrew signs became ubiquitous in           party have made appear irreversible.    Clinton was embroiled in a gefilte
Much of Erdogan’s incitement,             Turkish cities. It was not uncommon         While Turkey was for more than half     fish tariff hullabaloo, I thought it was
however, cannot be dismissed as a         to hear Hebrew in Istanbul’s Grand          a century a buffer between Middle       a fish tale conceived of in the spirit of
dispute over the Iraq war.                Bazaar or in restaurants along the          Eastern extremism and European          Purim. Nope. Accordi...
 In 2004, Yeni Safak, a newspaper         Bosporus.                                   liberalism, today it has become an      • Uncle Moishy at Pesach with the
Erdogan endorsed, published an             Against such a backdrop, many              enabler of extremism and an enemy       Perls’ 2006 A video summary of the
enemies list of prominent Jews. In        Jewish groups turned a blind eye to         of liberalism. Rather than fight        Pesach with the Perl's program in
2006, not only did Turkish theaters       warning signs of Erdogan’s antipathy        terrorists, Turkey embraces them.       Grand Island, NY. Our hotel is
headline Valley of the Wolves, a          and rationalized Turkey’s outreach to       Today’s rhetorical support may          located right outside of Niagara Falls.
fiercely anti-American and anti-          Hamas and Hezbollah, Syria, Sudan,          become tomorrow’s material support.     Come for Pesach! Enjoy the food!
Semitic movie that featured a Jewish      and Iran. It was not until Erdogan          On the world stage, too, Turkey is a    Take in...
doctor harvesting the organs of dead      exploded at the 2009 Davos World            problem. Rather than help diffuse       • Surprise: The Left hates India for
Iraqis, but the prime minister’s wife     Forum, telling Israeli President            Iran’s nuclear program, Erdogan         the same reason it hates Israel
also publicly endorsed the film and       Shimon Peres “you know well how to          encourages it.                          Surprise: The Left hates India for the
urged all Turks to see it. Turkish        kill,” storming off the stage, and            Turkey’s anti-Americanism, its        same reason it hates Israel
newspapers reported that prominent        subsequently accusing Israel of             dictatorship, and the inability of      This analysis about the American
AKP supporters and Erdogan aides          genocide, that Jewish groups                Western officials to acknowledge        Left's disenchantment with India
financed its production. While much       awakened to the change that had             reality endanger security. Hard         rings true (...
of the Western world boycotted            come over Turkey.                           choices lay ahead: as a NATO
Hamas in the wake of the 2006              Much of the blame for failing to           member, Turkey is privy to U.S.         Original post source
Palestinian elections in order to force   recognize Erdogan’s agenda also lies        weaponry, tactics, and intelligence.
it to renounce violence, Erdogan not      in the West’s intellectual approach to      Any provision of assistance to Turkey
only extended a hand to the group but     radical Islam. For too many, the
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Open Borders, Open Pit
by Daniel Greenfield @ the
Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion
para Israel - Daughter of Zion
for Israel)
Submitted at 6/26/2010 8:26:00 PM
 New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg
seems to have a new exit strategy.
After trying to spread rumors that
suggested he might run for President,
in the hopes that one party or the
other would give him the V.P. spot,
failing and struggling through a third
mayoral election that he promised
would never happen against a
candidate who never bothered to
show up and still almost beat him,
Bloomberg needs a way out.
 Sure he’s done a fine job amusing
himself by scattering modern art
atrocities painted day glo colors on
the city hall lawn. He’s made
Manhattan impassable for traffic,
after Albany shot him down on his
commuter tax. But waging a war on
good taste and cars just isn’t enough.
Nor is enthusiastically backing the
Ground Zero mosque, spending
ridiculous amounts of money
overhauling basic city infrastructure      are millions of bright and intelligent     and servile waiting staffs who are        than a fraction of what they’re paid in
like bus stations and firehouses to        people around the world — whether          happy to have a job. And that’s           the US. You don’t even need to care
meet with his idea of architectural        they are in China or in Hungary or in      exactly the culture they think they’re    if they kill themselves.
standards (transparent and on an           Germany or something — who want            bringing to America. Cheap labor           While yuppies crowd into lines to be
angle usually). Now it’s immigration       to come to America and live the            catering to their whims. They have no     the first to get the latest iPhones,
reform.                                    American Dream.                            idea what reality is, and they don’t      those phones are made by Foxconn
  Bloomberg has announced the               DOOCY: Right, but they can’t. [...]       care.                                     workers, hundreds of thousands of
Partnership for a New American             This is a political hot potato. How do      Bloomberg more cynically makes the       migrants, crowded into dormitories,
Economy, which is a fancy way of           get past the partisanship that is out      case that companies are outsourcing       subjected to regulations that would
saying that he’d like to legalize a        there and is so biting for a while?        because of immigration restrictions       not even pass muster in an American
whole lot of Mexican illegal aliens         MURDOCH: I think we can show to           “Immigrants have always been an           prison, who were being paid around
which will somehow lead to a “New          the public the benefit of having           essential part of America’s economic      135 dollars a month. Pressure on
American Economy”, which is good           migrants and the jobs that go with         strength,” said Mayor Bloomberg.          Apple and Foxconn has doubled
because anything “new” must be             them.                                      “This coalition was formed to change      salary. Which just means that sooner
better than old. Like New Coke. Or          So we’re once again talking about         our current immigration policy,           or later, Apple will move on to a
New Strain of Diphtheria. Or New           major corporations lobbying congress       which is undermining our economy          country with even cheaper labor. This
Kids on the Block. Joining him are a       to ignore the will of the people.          and threatening our status as the         is likely to happen once China
bunch of CEO’s, including Rupert            But Murdoch completely sidesteps          world’s leading power. Too many           becomes middle class and workers
Murdoch.                                   the fact that importing migrant            innovative new companies, and the         get used to a base salary and some
 It’s not exactly a big secret that the    workers does not mean importing            jobs they create, are being formed        expectations of how they should be
are two reasons we have open               “bright and intelligent people”, it        overseas because entrepreneurs can’t      treated.
borders. The first reason is the           means importing people to do bad           get a green card to start them here.       This already happened in America.
Democratic party’s reliance on             and cheap labor, so companies can          We need to break the legislative          And the only place the clock is turned
importing dependent minority groups        cut labor costs and pass them on to        stalemate that has taken over             back is around illegal aliens. Which is
to build a voting base. The second         the taxpayer funding the social            Congress if we want the U.S. to           exactly why businesses love them.
reason is that the Republican party        services for the migrants. That’s          remain competitive in the 21st            But then they demand that the
spends too much time answering to          already the situation that exists today.   century.”                                 government legalize them and take
corporations who want open borders.         I’m all for importing millions of          Again Bloomberg, like Murdoch            them off their hands. And then more
The Chamber of Commerce is a big           bright and intelligent people, though      conflates HB1 type workers (which is      illegal aliens are brought in to replace
proponent of open borders, which           perhaps not during a major recession.      another issue) with what he’s actually    them.
makes Bloomberg’s collection of            But that’s not what either Democrats       proposing, which is the legalization       Some corporations are just looking to
CEO’s from Disney (does the Mouse          or Republican big business advocates       of illegal aliens. We don’t have a lot    squash competition from companies
really need migrant workers?),             want. What they want are cheap and         of illegal aliens holding down those      that do employ illegal aliens. Others
Marriot, Hewlett Packard, Boeing,          easy people, who can be exploited on       kinds of jobs.                            genuinely believe this is some kind of
American Express, Morgan Stanley           the job and at the voting booth. That’s      And America has booming                 solution, which means that they are
and the New York Times (migrants           why immigration quotas look the way        immigration numbers, yet somehow          completely in denial.
could probably do a better and             they do. That’s why it’s much easier       corporations are still outsourcing.        For the mayors the payoff is obvious.
cheaper job of writing their articles)     for people from the Third World to         Now with huge unemployment                Legalization means more federal
and Rupert Murdoch of Newscorp.            move here, than for Europeans.             figures, are employers really leaving     social services dollars and more
  DOOCY: The country is so                  Immigration “reform” has become a         America because they can’t find           voters come election day, to shoulder
gridlocked around this. What can           euphemism for open borders with            workers? Is it because we’re denying      aside those pesky natives who don’t
business do that Washington, DC has        Mexico. And you only need one look         citizenship to some sort of specialists   want to pay more taxes or see their
not been effective in doing so far?        at some of what’s going on in Mexico       that can only be found abroad? That’s     city implode. As corporations pass
 MURDOCH: Well you just gotta              and now in border states to see why        not the reality of the situation.         the cost to the cities, the cities want to
keep the pressure on the                   that’s a bad idea. This doesn’t bother      Corporations outsource because of        pass the cost to the Federal
congressmen. You gotta do it on the        CEO’s who live in gated                    the regulatory environment in the US,     government, while benefiting from
press and on the television. It’s a        communities, get driven to work in         which applies high taxes and              ladling out federal money to
political thing. They gotta fess up to     limousines and think they’re immune        minimum wages. You don’t need a           supporters in ethnic communities,
it. [...] You gotta recognize that there   from the problem. Whose exposure to        large human resources staff in China.                   OPEN page 5
                                           Mexico is through high end resorts         You don’t need to pay them more
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The UN must try Iran’s 1988 murderers
by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del                                                                                                     of poison gas at Halabja earlier that
Zion para Israel - Daughter of                                                                                                  year, and it turned a deaf ear to
Zion for Israel)                                                                                                                Amnesty reports about the prison
                                                                                                                                slaughter (Iranian diplomats claimed
Submitted at 6/26/2010 8:21:00 PM                                                                                               the deaths had occurred in battle). But
 I never thought there would be a                                                                                               there is no statute of limitations on
U.K. Guardian article that I thought                                                                                            prosecuting crimes against humanity,
was worth reposting, but it would                                                                                               and the mass murder of prisoners
seem the information I had that made                                                                                            already serving sentences for political
me suspicious of the Green                                                                                                      protests must count as one of the
Revolution was true. The leaders of                                                                                             gravest of unpunished crimes. The
the resistance are part of the same                                                                                             fact that they were killed ostensibly
genocidal absolutist regime that now                                                                                            because they did not believe in God –
hunts them down. When will the                                                                                                  the God of the ayatollah’s revolution
populists realize that they are pushing                                                                                         – makes their slaughter a form of
hope without reason is the formula                                                                                              genocide: the destruction of a group
for despair and no hope. So why were                                                                                            because of its attitude to religion.
the so called progressives trying to                                                                                             Most of the judges and officials who
market this guy as a good                                                                                                       implemented the fatwa are still in
Revolutionary? Wasn’t Arafat of                                                                                                 high office in Tehran – under a
Palestine bad enough?                                                                                                           supreme leader who, when asked
 The mass murderers of 1988 now                                                                                                 about killing prisoners replied: “Do
hold power in Tehran. The world                                                                                                 you think we should have given them
must make them face justice                                                                                                     sweets?” There is still time for the
 Geoffrey Robertson                                                                                              UN security council to enforce
                                                                                                                                international law by setting up a court
                                                                                                                                to try the perpetrators of the prison
  This weekend marks the first                                                                                                  massacres. This may be a better way
anniversary of the death of                                                                                                     to deal with a theocracy whose
democracy in Iran – the rigged                                                                                                  behaviour in 1988 provides the best
election which the Supreme Leader                                                                                               reason for concern over its future
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared lost                                                                                            behaviour with nuclear weapons.
by reform candidate Mir Hossein                                                                                                 • Geoffrey Robertson QC’s report
Mousavi. Afterwards protesters were                                                                                             The Massacre of Political Prisoners in
shot dead in the street and taken for                                                                                           Iran 1988 can be downloaded here.
torture to Tehran’s notorious Evin                                                                                              • This article was amended on 8 June
prison; several have been hanged as                                                                                             2010. Due to an editing error, the
mohareb– enemies of God. This                                                                                                    original incorrectly described the
intolerance of dissent should have                                                                                              MKO – Mujahedin-e Khalq
come as no surprise: this is the same                                                                                           Organisation – as “a guerrilla sunni-
regime that got away with the murder                                                                                            Marxist movement”. This has been
of thousands of political prisoners –       in meat trucks to mass graves. Their      ordered to carry out the killings. Then   corrected. via Posted
and has never been called to account.       belongings were returned in plastic       there is the man who in 1988 was          via email from noahdavidsimon’s
 It happened in the summer of 1988,         bags to their families three months       Iran’s prime minister – Mir Hussein       posterous
after the war with Iraq ended in a          later, but the regime still refuses to    Mousavi, today’s reform movement           So this was your freedom fighter?
bitter truce. Iran’s prisons were full of   reveal the location of the graves and     leader.                                   Try supporting Israel. They have
students sentenced for protesting           continues to forbid relatives from         Mousavi was challenged at election       Democracy already.
against Ayatollah Khomeini in the           gathering at one site which has been      meetings last year by chants of “1988      Hija del Zion para Israel Support
early 1980s – Marxists and leftists of      identified in a Tehran cemetery.          but has declined to tell what he          Israel
all varieties and supporters of the          Comparisons between atrocities are       knows of the mass murder. In the          • Chabad UI: Shabbat shalom! Join
Mujahedin-e Khalq Organisation – a          invidious, but this involved almost as    course of an inquiry conducted for the    the Tiechtel's & Chabad on Campus
guerrilla movement with a different         many casualties as Srebrenica and         US-based Abdorrahman Boroumand            family for services, dinner, friends
version of Islam. They had been             was a cold-blooded killing by the         Foundation I have come across an          and fun, or all of the above!! Chabad
sorted by prison officials into groups      state of prisoners after the war had      interview he gave to Austrian             at UI invites you to Shabbat services
of those who remained “steadfast” in        ended. It bears some comparison to        television in December 1988. In           &/or dinner this...
their political beliefs or who were         the death marches of allied prisoners     answer to allegations Amnesty             • The Virtual Lesson, “Beginning to
apostates. The regime decided they          at the end of the second world war –      International was making, he              study Zohar” , Lesson 15 Lecturer:
should be eradicated so they would          the Japanese generals responsible         dishonestly said the prisoners were       Rav Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-03-
not trouble the postwar government,         were sentenced to death at the Tokyo      planning an uprising: “We had to          07Video: ENG 57MB Audio: ENG
and Khomeini issued a secret fatwa          trials. So who was responsible for the    crush the conspiracy – in that respect    10.16MB ...
authorising their execution.                Iranian prison slaughter?                 we have no mercy.” He appealed to         • Stupid Jews: Israel upgrades
 Revolutionary guards descended on           Ayatollah Khomeini is dead. But the      western intellectuals to support the      Turkish tanks Stupid Jews: Israel
the prisons and a “death committee”         three leading figures of his regime are   right of revolutionary governments to     upgrades Turkish tanks
(an Islamic judge, a revolutionary          still very much alive, and available to   take “decisive action” against            Israel has completed the upgrade of
prosecutor and an intelligence              be put on trial in an international       enemies. It is an irony that the regime   170 40-year old Turkish tanks to the
ministry official) took a minute or so      court. The then president, Ali            he defended with such hypocrisy now       state of the art (Hat Tip: Sh...
to identify each prisoner, declare          Khamenei, is now Iran’s Supreme           crushes his own supporters without
them mohareb and direct them to the         Leader – the man who endorsed last        mercy.                                    Original post source
gallows erected in the prison               year’s rigged election. Ali Rafsanjani,    But this is what happens when
auditorium, where they were hanged          still a powerful political player, was    political and military leaders are
six at a time. Later their bodies were      then the commander of the                 vouchsafed impunity. The UN did not
doused in disinfectant and transported      Revolutionary Guard, who were             bother about Saddam Hussein’s use
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Israeli protesters press Binyamin Netanyahu to
help free abducted soldier Gilad Shalit
by Harriet Sherwood (Hija del              decisions.” Asked if “the price” – the      women prisoners being held by Israel.        Mark Regev, Netanyahu’s
Zion para Israel - Daughter of             release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners       The Israeli media is backing the          spokesman, said: “We have a
Zion for Israel)                           – was too high for one soldier, he          renewed Shalit family campaign, with       responsibility as a government to
                                           said: “The price is not our business to     most newspapers urging the                 bring back Gilad Shalit. But the
Submitted at 6/26/2010 4:06:15 PM          deal with.”                                 government to strike a deal over his       prime minister also has a collective
 Supporters of the soldier seized by        An opinion poll published on Friday        release.                                   responsibility, and to sign on the
Hamas four years ago begin a march         showed that almost 75% of Israelis           Intense negotiations – brokered by        bottom line of Hamas’s demands
to Jerusalem to secure his freedom         support the release of Palestinian          the German intelligence agency, the        would not be fulfilling that.”
 Thousands of Israelis are expected to     prisoners serving sentences for             BND – to reach an agreement with           • Israel
join a 12-day march across the             militant attacks in return for Shalit’s     Hamas foundered earlier this year.         • Hamas
country beginning today to put             freedom.                                    Each side blames the other for the         • Gaza
pressure on their government to             His fate has huge resonance in Israel,     impasse.                                   • Binyamin Netanyahu
secure the release of Gilad Shalit, the    where military service is a                  Hamas’s list of prisoners to be
soldier abducted by Hamas four years       requirement. Most families can              released in exchange for Shalit is          Harriet Sherwood
ago.                                       identify closely with the Shalits’ loss.    believed to include Marwan        © Guardian News &
  The Shalit family and their              Gilad Shalit, then 19, was abducted         Barghouti, a popular Fatah leader          Media Limited 2010 | Use of this
supporters will set out from their         and two other Israeli soldiers killed       serving five life sentences, and           content is subject to our Terms &
home in Mitzpe Hila, Galilee, and          when militants burrowed underneath          Ahmed Saadat, leader of the Popular        Conditions| More Feeds
take a winding route through Israel to     the border in southern Gaza to raid a       Front for the Liberation of Palestine,      Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Jerusalem. They hope to be joined by       military post on 25 June, 2006.             who Israel believes was behind the         Israel
artists, musicians, rabbis, activists       The Shalit family has asked Hamas          assassination of tourism minister          • Gaza blockade: Israel deports
and “tens of thousands” of ordinary        to permit an exchange of letters,           Rehavam Zeevi in 2001. “A deal is          activists from the Rachel Corrie aid
people. On arrival in Jerusalem,           which has been refused, according to        on the table,” said Kaufman. “It was       … Gaza blockade: Israel deports
Noam Shalit, Gilad’s father, plans to      their lawyer Nick Kaufman. The              brokered with the full co-operation of     activists from the Rachel Corrie aid
establish a protest tent outside the       International Red Cross has also been       both sides. Israel essentially agreed to   ship In stark contrast to Israel's
home of the Israeli prime minister,        denied access, which Hamas says             release the Palestinian prisoners, but     deadly Gaza flotilla raid last week, no
Binyamin Netanyahu, where he has           could reveal the soldier’s location,        to date Hamas hasn’t given a formal        activists aboard t... ...
pledged to remain until his son is         leading to an Israeli raid or air strike.   response.”                                 • How To Lead a Passover Seder,
freed.                                     Hamas last week claimed it had               According to Mahmoud Zahar, a             Part 2 How To Lead a Passover
“We don’t see any alternative after        allowed Shalit to watch the France v        senior Hamas official, negotiations        Seder, Part 2...
four years of government failure to        Mexico World Cup match. Shalit,             came to a halt after the personal          • Flowers for Religious Holidays –
obtain the release of my son,” Shalit      who has dual Israeli-French                 intervention of Netanyahu. Zahar told      Quality Flower Gifts from Online
told the Observer. “There have been        nationality, was “very sad” at              the Observer he was “fed up” with          Florists A respectful gesture during
many, many failures, but now it’s          France’s defeat, Hamas’s al-Aqsa            talking about Shalit but referred to       religious festivals is to send a gift or a
time to put public pressure on the         satellite TV station reported.              earlier comments he had made               card. Sending flowers works
government.”                                There has been no direct proof-of-         blaming the Israelis for the               incredibly well for any religion.There
 The Shalits yesterday released a          life evidence since Hamas released a        breakdown in negotiations. However,        are various flowers associated with
video urging Netanyahu to “pay the         video of the soldier last autumn, in        there have also been suggestions that      part...
price” necessary for Gilad’s release.      which he was holding a Palestinian          the deal was vetoed by Khaled
In a direct appeal, Noam Shalit says:      newspaper dated 14 September 2009,          Meshaal, the Hamas leader based in         Original post source
“Enough talk. Now is the time for          in exchange for the release of 20           Damascus.

Sanctions are not the solution
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del             same game of delay as they continue                                                     Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Zion para Israel - Daughter of             with their plans? The problem, it                                                      Israel
Zion for Israel)                           seems, is not merely the absence of                                                    • In Israel, Building Community
                                           effective tools to force a change in                                                   With Breakfast Walking through the
Submitted at 6/26/2010 2:48:00 PM          the Iranians’ conduct but also the will                                                Arab souk (market) in the Old City of
  Sanctions are not the solution           and determination to use those tools                                                   Nazareth feels something like
Congress passed tougher sanctions          in a meaningful way.                                                                   stumbling upon a secret garden. Just a
against Iran this week. We’ve already       Obama set the pattern last year —                                                     few steps from the throngs of tou...
seen one representative urging             withholding support for the Green                                                      ...
President Obama to use the sanctions       movement, muting the reaction to the                                                   • U.S.: 228,000 women have
rather than waive them (and there          Qom revelation, and allowing                                                           undergone or are at risk for female
were others), but the real key here is     deadline after deadline to pass. From                                                  genital mutilation U.S.: 228,000
that the sanctions are not the end but     all this the mullahs have learned that                                                 women have undergone or are at risk
the means for trying to stop Iran from     very little is required to hold the U.S.                                               for female genital mutilation
obtaining a nuclear weapon. And            at bay and that we are overeager to                                                    ...
when they prove to be insufficient, as     avoid confrontation. At every turn,                                                    • Euthanasia: Mercy Killing and
is likely to be the case, further action   they have bested Obama and the                                                         Judaism Learn about Euthanasia:
must be taken.                             “international community” and                                                          Mercy Killing and Judaism. Our sites
 We aren’t likely to know whether          bought themselves breathing room.           support if necessary. “Passed useless      C y b e r       s y n a g o g u e
sanctions are “working,” and the            The sanctions, therefore, are not the      sanctions and allowed Iran to go 
Iranians are quite likely to exploit the   solution to the Iranian threat. Rather      nuclear” is not a result from which
additional time to stave off other         than congratulating the administration      the president, lawmakers, or      Gail site
measures. How are we to know if            for passing sanctions after nearly a        American Jewry will recover. And it        w w w . g a n s k o k i e .
work stops on the mullahs’ nuclear         year and a half, Congress and pro-          is not an outcome Israelis can    BLOGS...
programs? And if the Iranians declare      Israel groups must make clear that          tolerate.
that they will return to the bargaining    “containment” is not an option and           Indeed.                                   Original post source
table, what is to prevent them, as they    that we will use military force and          posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 12:48
did last year, from practicing the         provide Israel with unconditional           AM
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continued from page 2
who return the favor by voting for          applying tariffs, a notion that would     drowning the middle class in reckless      Republican party to get serious,
them. Game, set and match.                  give those same CEO’s fits. But           spending. The bill keeps being passed      conservatives need to actually take a
 But none of this is good for the           unless we can either automate more        along. Illegal immigration is just one     hard line on it, instead of letting the
economy. Even if we ignore the              efficiently, block cheaper products or    snapshot of a much bigger problem,         Chamber of Commerce and the
social issues, this is hardly the time to   educate and organize people that          which is the end of responsibility.        CATO Institute have the inside track.
promote more unemployment or                buying more expensive but better          Where leaders once thought                 Because the road we’re going on now
government spending. Bloomberg              made products is the thing to do– the     generations ahead, now they hardly         has a station coming up, and it’s
and the CEO’s are doing the Obama           same process will continue.               think a year ahead. And the mountain       called Europe. We’re not there yet,
Administration a favor, and I                 But pushing legalization will           of debt rises. Problems aren’t fixed       but we’re getting there. And when we
wouldn’t be too surprised if this           accomplish nothing except to help         anymore, they’re perpetuated and           get there, we’ll cease to have a
Partnership for a New American              drown the middle class. The south         labeled as wise policies. Money is         functional economy altogether. All
Economy was even solicited by the           relied on slave labor, which created a    spent and the bill is passed, and then     we’ve have are entitlements,
White House. But their contempt for         wider gap between those on the top        it’s passed again and again. Until the     subsidies and a half-forgotten dream
what the voters actually want is truly      and on the bottom. The north relied       system breaks down, and then the bill      of former glory.
stunning.                                   on immigrant labor in its factories.      is passed to someone else. Until            Hija del Zion para Israel Support
 The marketplace does not reward this       Some of those immigrants were             finally something that is too big to       Israel
strange combination of workplace            treated almost as badly as the slaves,    fail, actually does fail, and there’s no   • Torah Tidbits Shavuot...
regulation and immigration                  but they did have enough mobility to      one bigger around to bail it out.          • Tribes Mezuzah from the Artazia
deregulation. It’s like pouring water       be able to move up or to have their        Real leadership requires recognizing      Collection #691 GM OM Each
through a blocked hose. All you’re          children and grandchildren move up        the nature of a problem, and to            Mezuzah Case is truly like a
going to do is break the hose. That’s       into the middle class. But that same      understand both the positive and           miniature artwork. Measures 4.25"
what has been happening to the              process can no longer work, when the      negative consequences of every             High by 1.25" wideHand painting,
American economy, as businesses             middle class is being taxed to            proposed solution. Illegal                 with a variety of materials
import cheap labor in a system where        subsidize a dependent lifestyle for the   immigration for cheap labor is the         meticulously arranged insideCan be
cheap labor is illegal. That has driven     people on the bottom. As a result         dark side of an American Dream             mounted indoors or outdoors under ...
the growth of illegal labor and off the     those in the middle are sinking and       achieved through regulating business.      • Fayyad the faker If there is any
books jobs in ethnic communities.           those on the bottom have no real          Legalization is as pointless as            Palestinian Arab politician who is
But all that means is people using the      incentive to rise. If they want           pointing to a factory’s polluted           regarded as untouchable by the
system’s social services, without           consumer products, there are credit       groundwater runoff and talking up its      Western media, it is PA prime
paying into it. Immigration “reform”        cards. If they want homes, the            benefits. It redefines the problem and     minister Salim Fayyad. Article after
advocates argue that legalization will      government will subsidize their           ignores its negative consequences.         article praises him as an economic
fix this by having them pay into the        mortgage.                                 That is not leadership. That is spin.      reformer who is ...
system. What they ignore is the fact         The American Dream increasingly          And we’re drowning in it.
that the only reason they’re viable, is     no longer makes sense, as people live       For the Republican party to get          Original post source
because they’re economically viable         on credit and government                  serious about stopping illegal
is because they’re not paying into the      entitlements. The big businesses and      immigration, it needs to take a long
system.                                     the government see no problem with        hard look at big business, and have a
  Outsourcing and companies                 any of this. The taxpayer sees half the   serious dialogue with them about the
departing for climes with cheaper           problem with this picture. But it’s       tax based consequences to their own
labor will continue. There may not be       only half the problem.                    companies of increased social
much we can do about it, besides             Governments and corporations are         services spending. And for the

Israel News
by paraisrael (Hija del Zion                                                           Hija del Zion para Israel Support
para Israel - Daughter of Zion                                                        Israel
for Israel)                                                                           • Israel News by jamestraceur Israel
                                                                                      frees Hamas MP held since 2006
Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:15:12 PM                                                     Israel on Sunday released one of
 by jamestraceur                                                                      several Hamas MPs arrested after
 Israel And Gaza: Life On Both Sides                                                  Gaza militants captured an Israeli
 New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright                                                    soldier in a deadly cross border raid
spent three weeks in Gaza late last                                                   in J...
year. Wright discusses Israel’s recent                                                • Israel News by jaime.silva Israel
easing of the Gaza blockade — and                                                     reverses rules on Gaza blockade
explains what it could mean for the                                                   JERUSALEM – Israel said on
future of Israeli-Palestinian relations.                                              Sunday it was easing a land blockade
 Read more on NPR                                                                     on the Gaza Strip to allow in all
 Israel’s chief rabbi: I will ban cruel                                               goods except for arms and materials
slaughter                                                                             used ...
 Israel’s chief rabbi said he will not                                                • Israel News by jaime.silva Israel
certify beef as kosher if the animal                                                  drafts updated list of items barred
was ritually slaughtered using cruel        the world’s eight most powerful           from Gaza - Mon, 21 Jun 2010 PST
methods.                                    developed states turned the screw on      JERUSALEM – Israel pledged
 Read more on JTA                           North Korea, Iran and Israel on           Sunday it will immediately allow all
 G8 turns the screw on North Korea,         Saturday as they concluded a two-day      goods into Gaza except weapons and
Iran and Israel – Summary                   meeting in Canada….                       items d...
 Huntsville, Canada – The leaders of        
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Netanyahu’s blunder
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del            Israeli territorial waters, but they                                                   choose to do so in the face of pressure
Zion para Israel - Daughter of            succeeded in breaking the blockade                                                     and controversy, you must do so to
Zion for Israel)                          nonetheless, and it was Netanyahu, of                                                  the end, and while this may not
                                          all people, who led them through.                                                      garner you accolades from others, it
Submitted at 6/26/2010 7:22:00 PM           At the same time, it is almost                                                       will at least gain you their respect.
 Netanyahu’s blunder Was Prime            impossible to imagine what the prime                                                   Netanyahu has now lost both, and
Minister Netanyahu wrong to ease up       minister hopes to gain from his                                                        Israel is the poorer for it.
on the Gaza blockade? Benjamin            concession. It almost unthinkable that                                                   He has a point. I’d rather see
Kerstein argues that the mistake          the Obama administration will                                                          Netanyahu stick to his guns. On the
wasn’t the easing up but easing up        actively aid him against Iran in the                                                   ‘blockade.’ On the ’settlement
after the flotilla incident.              way he hopes. So long as the AKP                                                       freeze.’ On Jerusalem. Instead,
 While there is no doubt that he was      remains in power, no amount of                                                         Netanyahu makes a show of doing the
under immense pressure to ease the        concessions will appease the Turkish                                                   right thing and then caves.
blockade, particularly from President     desire to realign itself with Islamic                                                   posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 5:22
Barack Obama, and may have                theocracy. The international                from its friends. But every time this      AM
concluded that the blockade is a          community has not the slightest             alleged toughness has been put to the       Hija del Zion para Israel Support
justifiable sacrifice for the cause of    intention of treating Israel with           test, he has failed spectacularly. From    Israel
enlisting American support against        anything resembling fairness or             the Hebron Accords and the Wye             • Tisha beAv ???? ??? – Kinot ?????
Iran, none of this mitigates              sympathy, and as the EU                     negotiations during his first term in      ????? of ‘Arvit – Montreal Moroccan
Netanyahu’s responsibility for            announcement shows, they are more           the late 1990s to the settlement freeze    Daily Halakhot La Halakha
placing Israel in this ludicrous          than prepared to pressure Israel for        and now the blockade in his second,        Marocaine Quotidienne
position. In the first days after the     further concessions, each more              Netanyahu has said much about his Download
flotilla incident, he played his usual    dangerous than the last. In fact, the       courage and convictions and, in the        the full hour Téléchargez ici:
defiant role, laying responsibility for   only way Netanyahu’s actions make           end, done nothing whatsoever to   1. Divré / Lu
the flotilla violence squarely on the     sense is if they are the result of          indicate that he possesses either. Each    Yishqelu 0:00 2. ...
thugs aboard and projecting the           shallow and simplistic wishful              time serious political pressure has        • Rememberance day in Israel – May
image of a resolute statesman             thinking, a far cry indeed from             been brought to bear, he has folded,       2006 Air raid siren goes off for 2
unwilling to bow to unjust demands.       Netanyahu’s carefully cultivated            usually in highly ignominious              minutes and watch as all cars on the
It took him slightly less than a month    media persona as a hardened realist.        fashion. And each time, Israel has         main Tel Aviv highway come to a
to fold, and it is a spectacular fold      It must be said that all of this renders   been damaged politically while             halt, drivers get out and stand at
indeed. He has vindicated Turkish         a serious judgment on the prime             gaining nothing in return.                 attention - nowhere else in the wo...
Prime Minister Erdogan’s                  minister; because this is not,               This time, I fear, is no different. Had   • The Jewish vote The Jewish vote
brinksmanship in supporting the           unfortunately, the first time this sort     Netanyahu simply conceded the              Israel: Making President Obama Pay
flotilla, proven to Obama once and        of thing has occurred. Throughout his       blockade from the beginning, the           a Political Price from Daphne
for all that Israel can indeed be         career, Netanyahu has attempted to          same result would have ensued, and         Weisbart            on      Vimeo.
pushed around, undermined and             reap the rewards of defiant, tough-         Israel would have been spared the          posted by Carl in Jer...
humiliated Israel’s defenders around      minded rhetoric, portraying himself         unjust but inevitable criticism that
the world, and handed the flotilla        as the one Israeli politician willing to    resulted. Instead, the prime minister      Original post source
activists precisely the victory they      stand up to threats from Israel’s           made a show of sticking to his guns,
wanted. They never got close to           enemies and misguided demands               failing to understand that if you

Rep. Dan Burton:                                                                      Overnight music video
                                                                                      by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del             will not...
‘Don’t waive the                                                                      Zion para Israel - Daughter of
                                                                                      Zion for Israel)
                                                                                                                                 • Israeli Human Rights NGO
                                                                                                                                 Demands Accounting of Mr. X A few
                                                                                                                                 days ago I reported about the sad fate
sanctions’                                                                            Submitted at 6/26/2010 5:51:00 PM

                                                                                       Overnight music video Here’s Lev
                                                                                                                                 of a prisoner in the Ayalon jail, kept
                                                                                                                                 in solitary confinement with no
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del            expelled staff and doctors, and stole       Tahor singing Yedid Nefesh, which is       contact with anyone outside or inside
Zion para Israel - Daughter of            files. I predicted that Ma'an wouldn't      sung by some on Friday night at the        the prison (except presumably his
Zion for Israel)                          cover the story until some officia...       beginning of Kabbalat Shabbat (the         interrogator...
                                          • Should Israel Cooperate With A            prayer welcoming the Sabbath) and          •    SHOFAR CLASS – THE
Submitted at 6/26/2010 8:38:00 PM         UN Investigation? It appears all but        by others at the third Sabbath meal as     MINISTRY OF THE SHOFAR: By
 Rep. Dan Burton: ‘Don’t waive the        certain that the United Nations will        the Sabbath ebbs away.                     Jim Barbarossa (The Shofar Man) –
sanctions’ Here’s Representative Dan      approve of an international                  Let’s go to the videotape.                SEGMENT 5 of 9 Jim Barbarossa
Burton (R-Ind) urging President           investigation of Israel's boarding of        posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:51        (The Shofar Man) teaches, ministers,
Obama not to be like Neville              the "flotilla" ship carrying terrorist      AM                                         instructs, and imparts anointing on
Chamberlain (yes, he makes the            related passengers.There is some talk        Hija del Zion para Israel Support         The Ministry Of The Shofar. This is
comparison outright) and not to           t...                                        Israel                                     Part-1, Segment 5 of 9 of the very
waive the sanctions passed by             • Between Dignity and Despair:              • Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?       popular 3...
Congress this week.                       Jewish Life in Nazi Germany Product         Where there's smoke, there's fire?
 Let’s go to the videotape.               DescriptionBetween Dignity and              On Friday, the White House denied          Original post source
 posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:38       Despair draws on the extraordinary          New York Times columnist Roger
AM                                        memoirs, diaries, interviews, and           Cohen's claim that the United States
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support        letters of Jewish women and men to
Israel                                    give us the first intimate portrait of
• Hamas attacked Red Cresecnt –           Jewish life in...
confirmed Early Friday morning I
reported that Hamas attacked a Red        Original post source
Crescent headquarters in Gaza,
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Work accident!                                                                         G-8 Expects Israel May
by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion           to announce that our good friend
para Israel - Daughter of Zion
for Israel)
                                           Dore Gold has launched a new web-
                                           site where his insights into the most
                                                                                       Take Action on Iran,
                                           important issues of the day will be on
Submitted at 6/26/2010 7:33:00 PM

  A 24-year old member of the
                                           display 24 hours a da...
                                           • 10 Minute Topics: Pesach Seder
                                                                                       Berlusconi Says
Qassam Brigades, Osama Hassan,             The next in a weekly series of 10           by israel (Hija del Zion para
died of injuries incurred during an        minute topics teaching about various        Israel - Daughter of Zion for
unspecified “jihad mission” on Friday      topics within Judaism. This week's          Israel)
night. No doubt it was of the peaceful     topic is: Pesach Seder. On the first
jihad type that we hear so much            night of Pesach (first tw...                Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:08:00 PM

about.                                     • SNL Weekend Update, Israeli style           By Tony Czuczka June 26
 You can see lots of pictures of his       SNL Weekend Update, Israeli style           (Bloomberg) — Group of Eight
dead body at the Al Qassam website,        Yes, it's another video from Latma,         leaders expect Israel may decide to
because that is apparently a               Caroline Glick's humor network, with        take action against Iran out of
wonderful thing to behold.                 English subtitles, featuring the 'Pale...   concern that the country is building
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support                                                     n…
Israel                                     Original post source                         Hija del Zion para Israel Support
• Dore Gold’s New Web Initiative                                                       Israel
The One Jerusalem family is pleased                                                    • “The Hebrew Mamita” Vanessa
                                                                                       Hidary (Def Poetry)"The Hebrew

Video: LATMA’s tribal                                                                  Mamita" Vanessa Hidary (Def
                                                                                       Poetry) Season 3, Episode 3 (S03
                                                                                       E03) Original Air Date: 18 April
                                                                                                                                  he got a threatening phone call after
                                                                                                                                  the Uppsala attack."Is this the artist
                                                                                                                                  Lars Vilks? You will die."...

update                                                                                 2003 def poetry jam spoken word
                                                                                       • Sweden: Death threat, arson attack
                                                                                                                                  • Traditionelle Weisen fur Pesach
                                                                                                                                  Schwous Und Sukkot Traditionelle
                                                                                                                                  Weisen fur Pesach Schwous Und
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del             of mockery corresp...                       against Swedish Mohammed                   Sukkot ...
Zion para Israel - Daughter of             • Sid Yiddish Throat-Sings & Shofar         cartoonist Sweden: Death threat,
Zion for Israel)                           Workshop While in Seattle,                  arson attack against Swedish               Original post source
                                           Washington in late, February, 2007, I       Mohammed cartoonistLars Vilks says
Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:23:00 PM          (Sid Yiddish) presented a mini-
 Video: LATMA’s tribal update              workshop incorporating the origins of
Here’s the weekly tribal update from
                                           throat-singing, complete w/some
                                           basics, and...
                                                                                       Part 3: Preface to the
 Let’s go to the videotape.                • White House denies agreeing to
 posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 1:23
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support
                                           UN Commission on flotilla of fools
                                           White House denies agreeing to UN
                                                                                       Sulam Commentary,
                                           Commission on flotilla of fools
• Daily Quote: Sivan 15, 5770 – May
28, 2010 You have a cup full of oil in
                                           The White House has denied a story I
                                           blogged just before the Sabbath
                                           started t...
                                                                                       item 76, Lesson 24
                                                                                       by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion              • Yom Hatzmaout – Israel’s
your hand; if a drop of water falls into                                               para Israel - Daughter of Zion             Independence Day Ashkelon cityhall
it, and corresponding drop of oil          Original post source                        for Israel)                                workers starting to hang the flags of
spills out. In the same way, if a word                                                                                            Israel stat for the comming Yom
of Torah enters your heart, and word                                                   Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:00:00 PM          Hatzmaout - Israel's Independence
                                                                                        Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman             Day 2010 – Israel's 62 Birthday.
Part 2: The Book of Zohar –                                                            Date: 2010-06-27
                                                                                        Video: ENG 30.09MB
                                                                                                                                  Photos Rafael Ben-Ari/Ch...
                                                                                                                                  • Israel: A History ISBN13:
Selections, chapter "Vayetze",                                                          Audio: ENG 5.36MB
                                                                                        Hija del Zion para Israel Support
                                                                                                                                  NEWNotes: Brand New from
                                                                                       Israel                                     Publisher. No Remainder Mark.
item 143, lesson 10                                                                    • A silent correction to paper over
                                                                                       the bigger problem The clueless op-
                                                                                                                                  Product DescriptionIsrael is a small
                                                                                                                                  and relatively young country, but its
by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion              physical contact with a member of the       ed written by Catherine Ashton for         turbulent history has placed it squ...
para Israel - Daughter of Zion             opposite sex. A ...                         the New York Times has received a
for Israel)                                • Torah Code 2012 Marshall Masters          silent correction.It used to say,This is   Original post source
                                           is involved with the project which          where the industrial center of Gaza
Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:00:00 PM          focuses on a next generation research       used to be, before the shelling just ...
 Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman             approach to Torah Code analysis.
Date: 2010-06-27
 Video: ENG 42.87MB
 Audio: ENG 7.64MB
                                           This video is an early project demo
                                           and not i...
                                           • Tehillim 130 My first upload ever.
                                                                                       Open thread.
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support         My take on a ridiculously common            by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion           intended to land in Israel fell short in
Israel                                     tehillim. I tried to stay in my punk/       para Israel - Daughter of Zion             Beit Hanoun, Gaza. O...
• Negiah: Touch, Halakha, Orthodox         country fusion-ish comfort zone,            for Israel)                                • Oumguil – Talit A3la Lbhar | about
Jew, Conservative Judaism, Reform          while still making it all jewishy and                                                  talit Talit case
Judaism, Leviticus, Tannaim Product                                                    Submitted at 6/26/2010 7:33:00 PM          (prying shawl) Image by yanec
DescriptionHigh Quality Content by                                                      Tonight, I have a choice between          Mehdi cover Souad Massi - Talit 3al
WIKIPEDIA articles! Negiah,                Original post source                        blogging or catching a movie with          Lbir Video Rating: 5 / 5 ...
literally "touch," is the concept in                                                   the kids.                                  • Part 1: The Book of Zohar –
Halakha that forbids or restricts                                                       See you tomorrow: )                       Selections, chapter “Vayikra”, item
                                                                                        Hija del Zion para Israel Support         85, lesson 5 Lecturer: Rav Michael
                                                                                       Israel                                     LaitmanDate: 2010-05-17Video:
                                                                                       • Peaceful PalArab Passover Here           ENG 55.56MB Audio: ENG 9.9MB
                                                                                       are some of the events that happened       ...
                                                                                       in Gaza while I was not able to
                                                                                       post:Three young men, aged 16 and          Original post source
                                                                                       17, were injured when a rocket
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Part 1: Writings of Rabash, Part 4: Introduction to
Shlavey ha Sulam, article the Book The Tree of
15, 1984, lesson 2          Life, item 3, lesson 3
by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion             Clock, Gets Things Right Once in a
para Israel - Daughter of Zion            Great While And it’s worthy               by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion            Launches Media Campaign in
for Israel)                               celebrating when he does (since it        para Israel - Daughter of Zion           Preparation for National Home Front
                                          happens so rarely): “I don’t believe      for Israel)                              Exercise Nekudat Mifne 4, 16 May
Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:00:00 PM         that time is on Israel’s side in the                                               2010 Today, Sunday, May 16th,
 Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman            American Jewish community,” he            Submitted at 6/26/2010 9:00:09 PM        2010, the IDF Home Front Command
Date: 2010-06-27                          said. “I...                                Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman           will launch a media campaign in
 Video: ENG 41.41MB                       • ‘Palestinian Authority’ textbooks       Date: 2010-06-27                         preparation for the national Home
 Audio: ENG 7.31MB                        continue to incite'Palestinian             Audio: ENG 9.75MB                       Front exercise Nekudat Mifne 4
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support        Authority' textbooks continue to           Hija del Zion para Israel Support       (English: Turning Point 4). The joint
Israel                                    incite               Over the years, I    Israel                                   exerci...
• Nir Barkat blasts Obama Nir Barkat      have written several posts about          • Hanukkah in Santa Monica John          • Rambam at Silver Lake Cemetery
blasts Obama                  This is a   'Palestinian' textbooks and how they      Bayless sings the classic Tom Lehrer     April 2010 01 Image taken on 2010-
small country. If in the rest of the      are ...                                   song for Roger Englander's 80th          04-21         11:32:28           by
World they say that there are no more                                               birthday party at the Villa Marina Inn   hebrewfreeburial....
than six degrees of separation, in I...   Original post source                      in Newport RI, November 19, 2006...
• Jeffrey Goldberg, Like a Broken                                                   • IDF Home Front Command                 Original post source

G-8 Leaders Expect Israel Who voted no?
May Act on Iran Nuclear                                                             by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del
                                                                                    Zion para Israel - Daughter of
                                                                                    Zion for Israel)
Program, Berlusco…                                                                  Submitted at 6/26/2010 6:05:00 PM

by israel (Hija del Zion para                                                        Who voted no? In the Senate, the
Israel - Daughter of Zion for                                                       vote on Iran sanctions was 99-0, but
Israel)                                                                             in the House it was 408-8. Who voted
                                                                                    no? Jennifer Rubin has some
Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:02:00 PM                                                   interesting observations about this
 By Tony Czuczka – Jun 26, 2010                                                     group.
Group of Eight leaders expect Israel                                                 Who are the eight? Well, there is an
may decide to take action against Iran                                              interesting overlap with J Street’s
out of concern that the country is                                                  favorite lawmakers. Tammy Baldwin,
building nuclear w…                                                                 Earl Blumenauer, and John Conyers
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support                                                  all voted no
                                                                                                                             • Dayan Toledano Shavuot...
Israel                                                                               Hija del Zion para Israel Support
                                                                                                                             •           U N H R C         v i a
• Clinton to headline AIPAC Clinton                                                 Israel
                                                                                                                             elderofziyon.blogspot.comPosted via
to headline AIPAC                  As                                               • Peres mission to Russia fails Peres
                                                                                                                             web      from noahdavidsimon's
I'm sure many of you have heard                                                     mission to Russia fails
                                          Transformation and Fulfillment                                                     posterous ...
already, Hillary Clinton is going to                                                Mikhail Dmitriyev, head of the
headline the AIPAC conference at the      ISBN13: 9780471228790Condition:           Federal Service for Military-
                                          USED - GOODNotes: Product                                                          Original post source
end of the...                                                                       Technical Cooperation, said Russia
• David Star On Kurdistan . Israel        Description"The simple and practical      would sell MiG-29 fi...
Image taken on 2009-04-03 01:54:31        wisdom I have gained by reading this
by Kurdistan KURD ????????                book and studying Kabbalah is
??????? ?....                             immeasurable."    —Madonna        ...
• The Way: Using the Wisdom of
Kabbalah for Spiritual                    Original post source

Part 4: Introduction to the Book The
Tree of Life, item 3, lesson 3
by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion             the news that's fit to print?             tour. So inste...
para Israel - Daughter of Zion            CAMERA takes the New York Times           • Return to One In the ancient Book
for Israel)                               and the BBC to task for ignoring the      of Formation, it is written,“If your
                                          'Palestinian' corruption scandal          heart races, return to One.” There are
Submitted at 6/26/2010 3:00:00 PM         exposed b...                              times when you find yourself in a
 Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman            • Follow our authors on tour! The         state of inspiration...
Date: 2010-06-27                          Sydney Taylor Book Award will be
 Audio: ENG 9.75MB                        celebrating and showcasing its 2010       Original post source
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support        recipients with a blog tour February 1
Israel                                    -5, 2010! What is a blog tour, you
• All the news that’s fit to print? All   ask? A blog tour is like a virtual book

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