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					                                    General Form - Arbitrators Decision

   We, the undersigned, _________, appointed arbitrator by _________, and _________, appointed
arbitrator by _________, under a certain written contract between _________ and _________, dated
_________, 19__, and _________, agreed on as third arbitrator by undersigned _________ and _________,
under authority conferred upon them by contract, report as follows:

       1. We were first duly sworn and took an oath that we faithfully and fairly hear, examine and
   determine the cause and controversy between _________ and _________, mentioned in the written
   instrument of submission to arbitration, according to the principles of equity and justice, and make a
   just and true award or awards according to the best of our understanding, and according to the
   stipulations and agreements of the submission, which oath is attached and made a part of our report.

      2. On or about _________, 19__, we served a notice upon _________ and _________, that we
   would meet and hear the dispute and controversy, and render an award or awards as is required of us by
   our selection, and fixed the time and place of meeting, a copy of which notice is attached and made a
   part of this report.

       3. Pursuant to the notice we met at the time and place mentioned in the notice to take evidence on
   the dispute. On _________, 19__, we adjourned the meeting to _________, 19__, and gave due notice
   of adjournment to _________ and _________.

       4. At the adjourned meeting we met, and having first sworn the witnesses we heard all of the
   evidence, statements and arguments offered by _________ and _________, in their behalf, and that we
   have faithfully and fairly heard, examined and determined the cause and controversy mentioned in the
   written instrument of arbitration between _________ and _________, according to the principles of
   equity and justice, and after due and careful consideration of all of the evidence submitted upon the
   questions in controversy, we find that there is due from _________ to _________ after allowing all just
   claims, deductions and setoffs, the sum of _________ dollars, together with interest at the legal rate
   from _________, 19__, and that _________ is entitled to judgment against _________ for the amount,
   together with interest as stated, at _________ percent until fully paid.

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