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									             Pantone 3025 C              Pantone 542 C
             Pantone 7469 U              Pantone 543 U     K100
             C80 M20 Y00 K50             C50 M20 Y00 K00

                                K100               K30

                               Reverse White

                                             Chinese Medicine
                                             Chinese medicine (CM) has its origin more than 2500 years ago, greatly
                                             influenced by the teachings and written works of great herbalists, acupuncturists,
                                             philosophers and physicians. They emphasised man’s relationship to the
                                             environment, considering the human body to be a mini universe governed
                                             by opposing forces (yin-yang) which kept the body working in balance and
                                             harmony. In health, the opposing life forces of yin and yang were in balance
                                             while in illness there was an imbalance. CM studies the person in health and
                                             disease from the aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation
                                             in a holistic manner. The range of treatments in CM include herbal therapy,
    “The degree programme in Chinese         acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, tuina, bone and spine manipulations,

                                                .co re
  Medicine will give you a foundation to     dietary therapy, exercise therapy like qigong and taijiguan.
your understanding of Chinese Medicine.

                                              pe o
    Western medical studies are also an      Currently, there is a worldwide trend to integrate certain Chinese medicine

                                           -ta , m
 integral part of the curriculum and this
  integration is important as it combines    practices like acupuncture and herbal remedies to complement the management
 the best of both types of medicine. The     of pain and reduce side effects of drugs used to treat chronic diseases. Today
   programme will focus on combining

     offering the full array of medical .cn M
medical education and scientific research,   many universities in Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Europe,
                                             including France in addition to China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore
                                       w C
   both Chinese Medicine and Western -
 disciplines that will allow them to adopt   have degree and post-graduate degree courses in Chinese medicine.
                                      w T
and apply an evidence-based approach to
            Chinese Medicine.”               Traditional Chinese Medicine in Malaysia
                                    :w of

          DR LIOW SOOK MEE                   The Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia recognizes that a large proportion of its
                                 ife ge

         PhD (Chinese Medicine)              multiethnic population consults CM practitioners and use other traditional and
                                             complementary medicine (T&CM) practices with importation of herbal products
                              e l ed

                                             being 3 to 4 times the value of allopathic products. The Complementary Medicine
                             m wl

                                             Unit in the MOH coordinates and implements policies related to training and
                                             registration of practitioners with the aim to integrate T&CM into the national
                           so o

                                             healthcare delivery system. It introduced standards for courses at diploma and
                         le kn

                                             degree levels to be enforced by the Malaysian Quality Agency (MQA). The
                                             Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act once passed by Parliament will
                       ho e
                      w or

                                             regulate the T & CM practices.
01 | What is the structure of the programme?
The IMU Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chinese Medicine (CM) is a 4 year full-time course taught in English
and Mandarin where necessary. After graduation, the graduate must spend 12 months in an accredited
hospital by the Public Service Department of the Malaysian Government as an intern. Upon satisfactory
internship, the Chinese medicine practitioner (CMP) can be registered by MOH to practice in Malaysia.
The IMU’s CM course trains CMPs to deliver evidence-based healthcare services. The course fulfills the
requirements of the MQA (Malaysian Quality Agency). At the end of the course the student should
have acquired knowledge and relevant skills to be a competent practitioner; has a good command
of Mandarin, Malay and English; is able to communicate with all stakeholders; has acquired the
attributes of a professional, is a team player, a life-long learner, a critical thinker with knowledge
of research techniques, the CM business and takes time to reflect on actions taken
The IMU has partnerships with several universities of TCM in China (Shanghai University of TCM,
Shangdong University of TCM, Guangzhou University of TCM, Beijing University of TCM) and
the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) for students to transfer after 3 years in this
programme. After an additional 2 years, the graduates will be awarded the bachelor degrees
in CM of the respective partner universities.
The CM course consists of modules in basic Medical Sciences and Chinese Medicine. The
contents will be delivered via many delivery modes, including case studies, practice visits,
attachments to hospitals or clinics and supervised clinical practice. A research project in
Semesters 7 aims to develop skills of scientific inquiry, observation, analysis and scientific

                                                                                                                            CHINESE MEDICINE
02 | What are key features of the programme?
This course has incorporated a number of key features to prepare the graduate for
challenges beyond graduation. These proactive features enable students to acquire
the following outcomes.
• A solid foundation in the basic medical sciences to build a good understanding
  of the structure of the human body, its functions and disease processes from the
  western scientific aspect. This will be taught by lecturers who have experience
  teaching medical, pharmacy and nursing students.
• Knowledge of Chinese philosophy of balance (yin and yang), the 5 elements
  (wood fire, earth, metal and water) and the importance of Chinese classics                                                  2
  and their contribution to the development of Chinese medicine.
• Knowledge of the importance of diet and exercise in therapy.
• Knowledge of the concepts and theories, important for development of
  acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina, herbal therapy.

  Bachelor of Science (Hons)
  Chinese Medicine or
  Chinese Medicine Degree
  from Partner University
  4 years

  Credit transfer option to
  RMIT University, Australia                                                                              of raw herbs in
                                                                                                           the dispensary
                   • Able to speak and write Mandarin, Malay and English at a functional level.
                   • Acqusition of relevant practical and clinical experience.
                   • An inquiring mind, skills of discovery, analysis and presentation.
                   • Knowledge of the laws and ethics governing the practice and business of CM in
                   • Knowledge of CM business, the setting-up and management of a CM clinic
                     and CM herbal shop.
                   • Interaction with students in other healthcare courses like chiropractic,
                     medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, biomedical
                     sciences, biotechnology, psychology and pharmaceutical chemistry. This will
                     facilitate interdisciplinary networking and friendships which would develop
                     into better inter-professional working hips after graduation.
                   03 | When do students get clinical exposure?
                   During semester 7 and 8, students will spend a substantial amount of
                   time in hospital or clinic attachment, observing clinical Chinese medicine
                   practitioners. This will progress to supervised clinical practice under
                   experienced CMPs.
                   04 | Are there any Internship placements?
                   IMU will guide students in securing internship placements in

                   hospitals which are accredited by the MOH and the Public Services
                   Department (PSD), Malaysia, so that our graduates will be able to
                   register with the MOH and can work in government hospitals and
                   clinics as well as in the private sector.


                   Dispensing of GMP scientific herbs

                      05 | What are the semester contents?

                    Semester 1                   • Human Physiology 1          • Malaysian Studies              • Pharmacology & Toxicology         Medicine – Wen Ben             Semester 8
                    • Basic Mandarin 1           • Human Physiology 2          Semester 4                       • Classic Literature in Chinese   • Introduction to Clinical       • Chinese Medicine:
                    • Botany and Medicinal       • Head and Visceral Anatomy   • Basic Mandarin 4                 Medicine – Yellow Emperor         Practice in Chinese Medicine     Paediatrics
                      Chemistry                  • Medical Biochemistry        • Acupuncture Theory &             Internal Classic                Semester 7                       • Chinese Medicine: ENT and
                    • Cell Biology               • Moral Education / Islamic     Practice 2                     • Classic Literature in Chinese   • Chinese Internal Medicine 1      Ophthalmology
                    • Human Biology                Studies                     • Chinese Medicine Formulae 1      Medicine – Golden Chamber       • Chinese Internal Medicine 2    • Chinese Medicine:
                    • Chinese Medicine History   Semester 3                    • Chinese Medicine Formulae 2    Semester 6                        • Chinese Medicine:                Dermatology
                    • Chinese Medicine Theory    • Basic Mandarin 3            • Medical Microbiology &         • Acupuncture Techniques            Traumatology                   • Management for Chinese
                    • Information Acquisition    • Acupuncture Theory &          Genetics                       • Chinese Dietary and Exercise    • Chinese Medicine:                Medicine Practice
                      and Analysis                 Practice 1                  • Systemic Pathology               Therapy                           Gynaecology                    • Supervised Clinical Practice 1
                    • Limb & Trunk Anatomy       • Chinese Materia Medica 1    Semester 5                       • Clinical Skills Development:    • Research Project               • Supervised Clinical Practice 2
                    Semester 2                   • Chinese Materia Medica 2    • Differential Diagnosis in        Radiology                       • First Aid and Emergency        • Medical Laws, Regulations
                    • Basic Mandarin 2           • General Pathology             Western Medicine               • Classic Literature in Chinese     Conditions                       & Ethics
                    • Diagnosis in Chinese       • Malaysian Language          • Clinical Skills Development:     Medicine – Shan Han Lun         • Psychology for Healthcare
                      Medicine                     (Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B)       Diagnosis                      • Classic Literature in Chinese     Professionals
                            CHINESE MEDICINE


                   06 | What is the medium of instruction?
                   The medium of instruction is English supported by Mandarin when required.
                   Students who are not proficient in English or Mandarin are strongly recommended
                   to improve their proficiency in English and Mandarin by making their own
                   arrangements to attend additional English and Mandarin classes before entering
                   the IMU.

                   07 | Who will award the degree?                                             MINIMUM ENTRY REqUIREMENTS
                   The Bachelor of Science (Hons) Chinese Medicine degree is awarded
                   by IMU.                                                                       ExaminationS                            REquiREmEntS
                                                                                                 A-Levels                                EE (Pass in two relevant subjects)
                   08 | What sort of jobs/careers can be undertaken with this
                   degree?                                                                                                               cGPA 2.5 for Science stream students
                   Once registered with the MOH, the Chinese medicine practitioner can                                                   cGPA 2.5 (Credit in Science and
                   work in any of these positions.                                                                                       Mathematics for SPM) for non-Science
                   • Chinese medicine practitioner in integrated healthcare in a                                                         stream students
                     government or private hospital.                                             Australian Matriculation                65% (aggregate) or TER/UAI 75
                   • Chinese medicine practitioner in a Chinese medicine hospital.
                   • Acupuncturist in an integrated hospital or Chinese medicine                 NCEA Level 3                            60%
                     hospital or clinic.
                                                                                                 Canadian Grade 12/13                    60%
                   • Chinese medicine practitioner in a private Chinese medicine clinic,
                     as the owner and practitioner or as an employee.                            Unified Examination

                   • With additional post graduate qualification as a lecturer in a                                                      B6 in five subjects
                                                                                                 Certificate (UEC)
                     University or Chinese academy. delivering courses (diploma,
                     degree, post-graduate degrees or certificate) in Chinese                    Indian Pre-University                   60%
                     Medicine or acupuncture.                                                    Ministry of Education
                   • A member in the sale and marketing of Chinese medicine                                                              cGPA 2.0 GPA 2.5 (2 Sciences)
                   • With additional post graduate training as a researcher                      Diploma in Science                      cGPA 2.0 cGPA 2.5 (2 Sciences)
                     in an academic institution or herbal or pharmaceutical
                     manufacturing company.                                                      Diploma in Microbiology                 cGPA 2.0 cGPA 2.5 (2 Sciences)

                   09 | What personality traits are best suited for                                                                      26 points (Chemistry and another HL
                   a career in Chinese Medicine?                                                 International Baccalaureate
                                                                                                                                         24 points subject with a score of not
                   The person who is patient, has good interpersonal and                                                                 less than 3 in Chemistry)
                   communication skills, eager to learn, is dedicated
                   and responsible, proactive and good tempered, is                              Foundation in Science                   cGPA 2.0)
                   empathetic, self-reliant, generous and willing to                             Diploma in Traditional and              cGPA 2.0 with 2 years working
                   share is best suited for this profession.                                     Complementary Medicine                  experience in a related field
                                                                                                 Diploma in Traditional and
                                                                                                                                         cGPA 2.5
                                                                                                 Complementary Medicine
                                                                                                 Diploma Recognised by
                                                                                                 Body of Traditional                     Pass
                                                                                                 & Complimentary Medicine
                                                                                                 Degree                                  Pass

                                                                                            Please refer to the University for any variation on entry requirement.
                                                                                            The IMU reserves the right to change these admission requirements from time to time.

                                                                                            English Language Requirement
                                                                                            Applicants are required to have one of these at the point of entry:
                                                                                            MUET Band score of 4 (for Malaysian students only)
                                                                                            IELTS Refer to the university
                                                                                            TOEFL Refer to the university
                                                                                            The Ministry of Higher Education stipulates that all students entering universities in Malaysia
                                                                                            must sit for MUET regardless of having other English qualifications. International students are
                   Pulse Reading                                                            not required to sit for the MUET. All registered students are required to take the IMU Diagnostic
                                                                                            Language Test during the first and fourth semester.
The International Medical University began in 1992 as the International Medical College, or IMC, Malaysia’s
first private medical college. IMC became a University in 1999, but the University has remained true to key
elements of the IMC vision, which are to widen access to professional healthcare education, and to use
innovative, integrated and student-centred means in providing that education.

This vision required strong links to be forged, from the outset, with reputable Partner Medical Schools
committed to excellence and who share our educational philosophy. It was our progressive, systems
based, integrated medical curriculum that first caught the imagination of our Partner Medical
Schools, and today we collaborate with such Schools in Australasia, North America, Ireland and
the United Kingdom. We have a Partner Pharmacy School in Scotland and in Australia and are
establishing more partnerships in Australia.
                                                                                                                                         u Pahat
                                                                                                                IMU Clinical School, Bat
Since 1999, the University’s growth and development has been in developing clinical schools
in Seremban and Batu Pahat, our own Honours degree courses in Pharmacy and Nursing,
and in establishing research as a core activity, together with development of postgraduate
research Masters and PhD programmes. We are already the preferred private school for
medicine and pharmacy in Malaysia. Our growth has been supported by heavy investment
in infrastructure development and expansion at Bukit Jalil and Seremban, and in the
recruitment of staff of high calibre. In 2008, we have introduced Honours degree courses
in Dentistry, Nutrition & Dietetics, Medical Biotechnology, Psychology, Biomedical Science
and in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In common with our MBBS, BPharm and BNursing,
these courses have been designed from first principles by our faculty. Bachelor of
Nursing Science (Hons) was introduced in 2009, a programme targeted solely for

                                                   .co re
registered nurses to upgrade their qualification from diploma level to a degree level.
In 2010, we introduced Chiropractic programme, the first of its kind and only

                                                 pe o
complete educational programme in Malaysia as well as in all of Southeast Asia.

                                              -ta , m
In addition, the Chinese Medicine will be launched in February 2011. We believe
our courses to be progressive and innovative, and we strive to use best practice
in their delivery and assessment.

                                           .cn M
                                          w C
                                         w T
                                       :w of
                                    ife ge

                                                                                                               IMU Clinical Schoo
                                                                                                                                  l, Seremban
                                 e l ed
                                m wl

                                                                                                              IMU Bukit Jalil Campus
                              so o
                            le kn
                          ho e
                         w or
                                  Pantone Lumpur
             Main Campus, Kuala3025 C                     Programmes Available:
                                                           Pantone 542 C
                                  19, Bukit
        126, Jalan Jalil Perkasa Pantone 7469K50 Jalil,
                                  C80 M20 Y00
                                              U            Pantone 543 U
                                                          •C50 M20 Y00 K00

             57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.                  KPT/JPS(KR10935)09/2014
                         Tel : +60 3 8656 7228            • Dentistry
                        Fax : +60 3 8656 7229               KPT/JPS(KA8358)12/2012

                Clinical School, Seremban                 • Pharmacy
                                                            KP/JPS(KR6707)10/2010, KPT/JPS(A1746)7/2014
             Jalan Rasah, 70300 Seremban,
    Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Malaysia.               • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
                       Tel : +60 6 767 7798
                      Fax : +60 6 767 7709                • Nursing
                Clinical School, Batu Pahat • Nursing Science (for registered nurses)
      12, Jalan Indah, Taman Sri Kenangan,           KPT/JPS(KA9377)01/2013
                           83000 Batu Pahat, • Medical Biotechnology
                Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.
                                            K100     KPT/JPS(KA8228)8/2012

     Tel : +60 7 432 2787, +60 7 432 0580 • Nutrition & Dietetics
                        Fax : +60 7 432 5575         KPT/JPS(KA8176)8/2012
                Clinical School, Kuala Pilah • Psychology
                     Lot No. 1743, Tingkat 1,        KPT/JPS(KA8177)8/2012
    Bangunan Persatuan Hainan Kuala Pilah, • Biomedical Science
            Jalan Wira 2/1, Taman Wira Jaya,         KPT/JPS(KA8230)11/2012

                           72000 Kuala Pilah, • Chiropractic
    Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Malaysia.          KPT/JPS(KA9294)7/2014

                         Tel : +60 6 481 9635 • Chinese Medicine
                        Fax : +60 6 481 9639
                                                   • Postgraduate (MSc & PhD by research)
                         KP/JPS(A1468)12/2010, KP/JPS(KR10625)01/2015

All enquiries regarding student admissions
                     should be directed to:
                            Department of                 The IMU has been certified with MS ISO 9001:2000
                                                          for the provision of tertiary education in medicine,
           Student Services and Marketing                 pharmacy and health sciences.
INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY                          Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information
    126, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 19, Bukit Jalil,             given in this brochure but it is subject to alteration without notice.
                                                          The University reserves the right to alter or delete any of the
         57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.                    information included at any time and it shall not be bound by any
                     Tel : +60 3 2731 7272                errors or omissions and cannot accept liability in respect thereof.
                    Fax : +60 3 8656 1018                 Please consult the Department of Student Services and Marketing
                                                          for the most up-to-date information.
                   KP/JPS/5195/US/2, KP(JPS)/DFT/US/W03
                                                          Printed in June 2010 Ver 1.
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