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Unknown Secrets of Opening, Verifying, Funding, Withdrawing and Managing a
  PayPal Account from Nigeria Plus Sure Fire Ways To Make Money with It.


                           Ogidi Patrick

Opening of PayPal account has been a major problem for Nigerian internet
marketing practitioners. But right now I am going to show you how you can open
and verify a PayPal account, fund and withdraw from it without leaving your
computer, plus unknown ways to protect your account from been blocked.

Let's go there!

Change Your IP.
Since Nigeria is not a PayPal approved country, there is the need to change your
I.P address to that of the country you will assume origin of.

Here’s the best and simplest way to do that.

Firstly go to: to check the I.P address of your internet
service provider.

Let’s check out mine:
Let’s assume your IP address is Nigerian unlike mine above, then you’ll need to
change your IP address to that of any PayPal approved countries that is not
European, USA, Canada, Australia or Austria.

I advise you choose any of UAE, Latvia or Cyprus. The reason is that PayPal
account holders from these countries are not required to add their bank accounts
to PayPal, but can easily do every other thing with their account – spending,
withdrawal. To do that, go over to any of the below websites and search for the
IP and port of the country you have chosen:

Copy one of the I.P address, then go to: and
download Firefox browser, that’s if you don’t have one on your PC already.
Once you have that, follow the pictorial instruction below:

After doing that, here is what you do next:
Once you’re done with filling in the IP and ports, click OK.

Once you do this, your I.P address will be automatically changed to that of the
country you have chosen.

To confirm that your IP address has been changed successfully, go back to and check it out;

Signing up For PayPal

Once you have changed your I.P address, the next thing will be to open a PayPal
account. To do this, you need to first go over to and search for
any address from the countries you have chosen. Say you chose United Arab
Emirate as your country, just type in something like ‘UAE Business Directory
2009 ‘ and you’ll be presented with many results:
Simply browse through the search results and choose any address you like. Use
the phone number and other details attached to the address you have chosen.
Do take a note down of the information you have chosen in case PayPal request
for it subsequently.

With your IP changed and an address available, head over to
Fill in your details [like you would do while opening an email and account] using
your real names and the address you’ve got.
The following page is next:

Click on ‘Go to My Account’ and you’ll be presented with your account overview.
Once this is done, PayPal will instantly send you an email. Go to your email and
click on the confirmation link. You will be required to choose your security
questions and answer;

Now you have your PayPal account opened but not verified.
Though you can use your account to transact little business without having it
verified. But I will never suggest such for any serious client of mine!

The next major thing is for you to verify your PayPal account. That brings us to
the next and most important aspect of PayPal issue;

Verifying Your PayPal Account

Before now verifying of PayPal account has been almost impossible because
since PayPal has stopped accepting Nigerians, you have no other way to legally
verify your PayPal account except if you have to fly to a PayPal accepted country
and do it there. How many of us can do that! Even if you succeed in doing that,
what about the IP issue I just resolved?

But the story has changed because right now, I have provided a dead simple and
do-it-yourself way anyone, even a half brain can follow and verify his/her PayPal
account in 5 minutes without lifting a finger.

Before I show you this method, do take a look at the screenshots below.
Can you notice that the unverified status in my account earlier has been changed
to ‘verified’?

My method of verification did not work for me alone; hundreds of my clients have
applied and confirmed it without any headache!

And yet another……..

HINT: That’s a big pointer to the fact that I do what I teach. Why wouldn’t you
listen to such a man?

Let’s move on…
The only tool you need to verify your PayPal is a virtual credit card. This credit
card is what you add to your PayPal account to enable PayPal fully admit you
into their fold.

By adding a credit card to your PayPal account, you’re simply telling PayPal that
you’re genuine, because you have succeeded in linking your PayPal account
with your credit card which is believed can only be owned by full and legit

Are you catching the gist?

If you take a look at, you’ll find out that I sell this
PayPal verification Virtual Credit Card at $25 Liberty Reserve or N3,500 [as at
the time of writing this guide]. That’s the cheapest you can get that card at
anywhere online, little wonder that site has witnessed an influx of clients in recent

But, you are already my customer by purchasing this report. The essence of your
buying this report will be dashed if you end not verifying your PayPal account.

In view of that, I’ll be giving anyone that purchases this report some sort of
discount. For just $17 Liberty Reserve or N3,000 I’ll give you the PayPal virtual
credit card to complete your PayPal account opening and verification.

Payment Methods

   • To pay through Liberty Reserve. Transfer $17 LR to the below Liberty
     Reserve account details:

                           LR Account No: U1756036
                         LR Name:      FastSubmitter

   • To pay via bank, deposit the sum of N3,000 only into the bank account
     details below:

                            Bank:        GTBank
                         Account Name: Ogidi Patrick
                        Account No: 571 565 1101 590
After payment, text either the batch number [if you paid via LR] or teller number
[if you paid via bank] to +234 803 956 0064. You can also send them via email to

As soon as I get the above details, I’ll process your card and send it to you

Let me assume you have the card at this point and move ahead to using it to
verify your PayPal account.

Steps to Verify Your PayPal Account
1. Login to your PayPal account [ensure your IP address is changed to that of the
country you chose].

2. Click the ‘unverified’ link at the top of the page.

3. You’ll be presented with a page like the one below. Fill in the credit card
details in the boxes:
5. Click on ‘Save and Continue’

At this point, PayPal would want to confirm if you really own the card by sending
a 4 digit code number known as expurse number to the credit card statement and
will request you to provide this number to complete your verification process.

Once it gets to this point, just get in touch with me immediately quoting your
credit card number and I’ll make the expurse number available to you.

For easy communication, I advise you add my yahoo chat ID to your list:

Once you supply the expurse number, PayPal will send you an email to officially
let you know that you are now a verified PayPal account holder. Hence, you can
go ahead and use your PayPal account for your online business without
limitations or fear.
That’s all for the PayPal verification.

Now, the so called gurus out there may only tell you how to open and verify a
PayPal without telling you how to manage it to avoid been blocked/limited.

In view of that, I’m going to lay down some of the dos and donts of running a
successful and secured PayPal account from Nigeria and elsewhere PayPal
does not cover.

The Dos And Donts of PayPal
Never use a proxy to access your PayPal account. Example of proxy sites are, etc. I’ve heard some marketers tell
people this. Don’t mind them!

PayPal has a way of detecting you are accessing your account from a proxy site,
hence giving them the impression that you are not genuine. This will sure lead to
your account blockage if you do. Ensure to follow the simple method explained
above to change your IP and securely login to your PayPal account.

Another point to note is this, you don’t access your PayPal often and on. Your
PayPal email address works like your bank account number; hence you can
easily supply it to any program that wants to pay your through PayPal. Same with
individuals that want to send you money via PayPal. You don’t need to log into
your PayPal to receive payments. Only login to your account when you want to
transfer money to someone else account or you want to make payments. You
don’t even need to login to your account to confirm payments as PayPal sends
you an email upon any payment received.

Always use the same IP address you used to open your PayPal account to
access it every time. Save the IP and port somewhere and always use it
whenever you want to access your PayPal account. Avoid IP swaps as this will
send the wrong message across to PayPal that some kind of illegal activity may
be going on within your account and may lead to blocking/limitation. This is very

Like I said before, keep the information you used in opening your PayPal account
handy, in case PayPal asks for it. Sometimes, PayPal do carry out routine check
on every account and may require you to fill in some of your details anytime to

If in any case PayPal asks for your utility bill and you’ve got some funds in your
account, don’t panic, don’t let go off your hard earned money. Look for someone
who can work with Photoshop and let him make one for you filling in the details
you supplied to PayPal while opening your account. I have tried this severally
and it worked

If you are selling products online with your PayPal, try as much as possible to
make refunds on time when your buyers ask for it. This is one reason many
PayPal accounts are limited.

Funding & Withdrawing From a PayPal Account
We help genuine Nigerians fund and withdraw money from their PayPal account.
Please, note the emphasis on genuine Nigerians, because we wouldn’t want to
deal with any one that indulges in fraudulent activity online. For your PayPal
funding and withdrawal service, get in touch with me at the following details:

Phone: +234 803 956 0064
       +234 708 962 4824
Yahoo Messenger: dondoc2love2000

I will not make any rate available here because of the constant changing nature
of exchange rate. If you need the service, just reach us for the current rates.

Ways to Make Money With Your PayPal Account
Showing you how to open and verify a PayPal account is simply useless without
showing you some ways to earn money into the account. Therefore, I am going
to list some websites where you can make some money into your PayPal

   1. I don’t want to write much about this website, but will
      simply urge you to take a look at it and see how you can continuously earn
      $2 infinity into your PayPal account for life. Why I so like the site is that you
     also get loads of eBooks and other resources you can resell at your price.
     Check it out at

2.    YousayToo: Here, you make money socializing with your friends, writing
     articles, uploading/sharing/playing games, and more. It’s free to join and
     they accept anyone from around the world. Minimum payout is $10. Just
     join here and start making money into your PayPal

3. Clixsense: Read advertisements for 30 seconds and you earn 1 to 5 cents
     each. Invite your friends and earn $2 each. To join,

4. Hits4pay: You earn 2 cents per email you read. Minimum payout is $25.
     Join through and
     receive $10 bonus.

5. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing involves you selling other people's
     items and making a commission on every sale. E-bay offers affiliate
     programs, but I stick to because they pay directly to
     PayPal. Visit the site today, pick any product of your choice and start
     promoting for commissions. Affiliate marketing is quite possibly one of the
     easiest and most profitable ways to make money using PayPal.

6. Yes, you can earn big bucks into your PayPal account
     from Facebook. Just take at look at and
     see what I mean!

     That will be all for now.
     Enjoy your PayPal account.

     I will like to hear from you. Send your comments, recommendations,
     testimonies and criticism to

     Join me on yahoo chat: dondoc2love2000

     Ogidi Patrick
     The Internet Wealth Coach.

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