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19K007 by mhy21350


									                                   FALL 2009 NYSED OBE/OFLS COMPLIANCE REVIEW
              2008-2009 CR Part 154 Comprehensive Plan and Data Reports; 2009-2010 NCLB Title III Part A Application;
                                      2009-2010 NYC Language Allocation Policy Plans

                                            OVERVIEW OF SCHOOL COMPLIANCE ISSUES

       District: 19
       School: 19K007
       Principal : Nydia Acevedo

       As a result of the NYSED Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Studies review of CR Part 154 Data
       Forms and Schools Language Allocation Plans (“LAPs”) it has been determined that the review process may not be
       finalized until the school compliance issues mentioned below are resolved. Your timely response to these issues is
       critical. Please submit your response to your District Superintendent, Martin Weinstein.

                                   INFORMATION                                                       2008-2009
          Total # of LEP/ELLs Identified                                                               215
          Total # of LEP/ELLs Served                                                                   213
          Total # of GENERAL ED LEP/ELLs Identified                                                    207
          Total # of General Ed LEP/ELLs NOT Served                                                      0
          Total # of SPECIAL ED LEP/ELLs Identified                                                      8
          Total # of SPECIAL ED LEP/ELLs NOT Served                                                      2
          Total # of LEP/ELLs served in ESL-only programs who should be in a bilingual education         0
           program, including ESL
          Total # of Long-Term LEP/ELLs                                                                  0
          Total # of UNCERTIFIED ESL Teachers                                                            0
          Total # of UNCERTIFIED BILINGUAL EDUCATION Teachers                                            0
          Total # of Requests of Extension of Services                                                  84
          Extension of Services is “CONFIRMED” or “DEFERRED due to insufficient or lack of              C
           information on the intervention services provided to the students”. (“C” or “D”)
          Submitted copy of the 2009-2010 LAP                                                          YES
          School was cited in 2007-2008 (“Yes” or “No”)                                                 NO

      The CR PART 154 data forms identified below and/or the school’s 2009-2010 LAP reflect compliance issues.
      Your response on the resolutions of these compliance issues is required.

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            CR Part 154 A-2 & A-2a; A-3: Data Reports of LEP/ELL students served

           o Based on the information provided, out of 215 students identified as LEP/ELLs, only 213 were appropriately
             served. Failure to provide services to all entitled students is not acceptable and must be addressed immediately.
             Please submit a justification and describe the immediate steps to remedy the lack of services to LEP/ELLs.

       NYCDOE Language Allocation Plan.

           o The LAP does not include a data “worksheet”. Please submit.

           o The narrative of the program for LEP/ELL students shows that students are not receiving the required amount of
             English as a second language (ESL) instruction. CR Part 154 requires that LEP/ELLs in grades K-8 who are at
             beginning and intermediate levels of English language proficiency receive 2 units of ESL instruction per week;
             students at the advanced level of English language proficiency receive 1 unit of ESL and 1 unit of English
             language arts (ELA) instruction per week. Please indicate what schedule modifications will be implemented to
             provide all LEP/ELLs the amount of ESL instruction required under CR Part 154. Sample copies of the revised
             schedules must be submitted with the response to this correspondence. Note: one unit of instruction equals 180
             minutes of instruction per week.

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