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                                                 Office for Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Continuing Education
                                                     Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Studies

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 To:         Superintendent, Timothy Behr                                                       Date: February 26, 2010
             NYCDOE District 8
             Rosita Costas,
             ELL Compliance Performance Specialist
 From:       Pedro J. Ruiz, Ph. D., Coordinator, NYSED OBE-FLS

 Subject:    2008-2009 CR Part 154 Comprehensive Plan and Data Reports
             2009-2010 NCLB Title III Part A Application
             2009-2010 NYC Language Allocation Policy Plans

Thank you for submitting your federal, state and city reports/plans outlined above on the education of limited English
proficient/English language learners, LEP/ELLs. This is the first year our office has reviewed the NYC Language
Allocation Policy Plans (LAPs). To provide consistency regarding compliance issues over the years, we are also using
the 2007-08 Part 154 review letters to ensure that those concerns have been addressed.

Information about your district obtained during the data review process is reported in the attached pages, as follows:
           • Overview and summary of the most salient compliance issues in your district
           • Individual schools’ compliance reports

District and individual school reports/plans will soon be posted on the following NYSED website:

Your district/schools reports/plans will not be approved until the compliance issues are fully addressed. Please submit
your response or on before March 29, 2010 to the following NYC address:

                                                    NYSED OBE-FLS
                                                 NYC REGIONAL OFFICE
                                               116 West 32nd Street, 7th Floor
                                                   New York, NY 10001
                                                 ATT: CR Part 154 Review
                                                     Re: DISTRICT 08

If you have any questions, please contact:

Contact Name:                 Eva Garcia
Title                         DIRECTOR, NYS Bronx BETAC
Telephone:                    (718) 817-0606
Fax:                          (718) 817-0604
E-mail:                       evgarcia@fordham.edu
Timothy Behr, SUPERINTENDENT                  DISTRICT 8


                                                                                                            Cited in
                                     INFORMATION                                           2008-2009       2007-2008
                                                                                                            Yes / No
 •       Total # of Schools in the District (with or without LEP/ELLs)                          58

 •       Total # of LEP/ELLs Identified                                                       3,239

 •       Total # of LEP/ELLs Served                                                           2,933

 •       Total # of GENERAL ED LEP/ELLs Identified                                            2,677

 •       Total # of General Ed LEP/ELLs NOT Served                                             119

 •       Total # of SPECIAL ED LEP/ELLs Identified                                             562

 •       Total # of SPECIAL ED LEP/ELLs NOT Served                                             187

 •       Total # of LEP/ELLs served in ESL-only programs who should be in a                   1,216          Yes – 4
         bilingual education program, including ESL                                                          Schools
 •       Total # of Long-Term LEP/ELLs                                                         920

 •       Total # of UNCERTIFIED ESL Teachers                                               Not Submitted     Yes – 7
 •       Total # of UNCERTIFIED BILINGUAL EDUCATION Teachers                               Not Submitted

 •       Total # of Requests of Extension of Services                                         1,019

 •       Total # of Schools that have Extension of Services DEFERRED due to                     27            Yes – 1
         insufficient or lack of information on the intervention of services provided to                      school
         the students

                               Language Allocation Policy                                  2009-2010

 •       Total # of Schools that submitted a copy of the 2009-2010 LAP                          27

 •       Total # of Schools that DID NOT SUBMIT a copy of the 2009-2010 LAP                     31


     •     A number of LEP\ELL students are not receiving mandated services.
     •     A number of LEP\ELL students entitled to bilingual education are being provided ESL services only.
     •     A number of identified special education LEP/ELLs students are not being served.
     •     A high percentage of Long Term LEP/ELLs, but the available LAP reports do not clearly reflect that ESL
           services are being provided to these students.
     •     A number/some schools have uncertified teachers providing instruction in bilingual education programs to
     •     A number of uncertified teachers providing instruction in ESL to LEP/ELLs.
     •     Schools did not submit the “Request for Extension of Services”, CR Part 154 (A-7).
     •     Information on the interventions to assist LEP\ELL students listed on CR Part 154 (A-7) is missing.
     •     The interventions to assist LEP\ELL students listed on CR Part 154 (A-7.1) require additional information.
     •     Schools did not submit the required sections of the LAP.
     •     LAP data and/or program narratives require additional information.

C:         Laura Rodriguez
           Eva Garcia

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