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Abdominal Pain by AmnaKhan

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									Abdominal Pain
Questions to Ask

   How long has it been going on?
   What makes it feel better?
   What makes it feel worse?
   Can you describe the pain? (Cramps,
    sharpness, etc.)
   Does it radiate?
   How is your appetite?
   Does the pain worsen with certain food?
Questions to Ask

   Have you seen a doctor for it?
   Are you taking any medication?
   Is anyone else in your family experiencing
    the same problems?
   Bowel movements?
Physical Examination
   Palpate the abdominal
    region, listen for abnormal
     –   Right Upper
             Liver, Pancreas, Kidney,
              and Lung
     –   Right Lower
             Appendix, Ureter, Bladder,
              Colon, and Gonads
     –   Left Upper
             Heart, Spleen, Kidney,
              Stomach, and Lung
     –   Left Lower
             Ureter, Bladder, Colon,
              and Gonads
Questions to Ask & Physical

                      Similar to abdominal
                      Check for distended
                   Remember to ask for the
                     number of people in the
                     family, usually if one
                     has parasites, they all

   What?
    –   Worm that lives in upper small bowel

   Cause:
    –   Sometimes contaminated soil allows for larval

   Symptoms
    –   Anemia

   What?
    –   Worm that lives in small intestine
   Causes
    –   Contaminated food
   Symptoms
    –   Coughing, difficulty breathing, chest pain (due to
        larval migration to lungs)

   What?
    –   Small white, thread like worms
   Causes
    –   Ingested eggs
   Symptoms
    –   Usually asymptomatic
    –   When symptomatic, itching in vaginal
    –   “Itchy butt”
    –   Difficulty sleeping at night

   What?
    –   Whip-like worms
   Causes
    –   Ingested eggs from soil
   Symptoms
    –   Usually asymptomatic
    –   Heavy cases may cause bloody diarrhea

   What?
    –   Segmented worms that passes through the stool
   Causes
    –   Eating meat that has been infected
   Symptoms
    –   Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea

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