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									New	Armament	Research	and	Development		                   Lieutenant	General	David	P.	Valcourt,	deputy	com-
Complex	Is	Under	Construction                             manding	general	of	TRADOC,	presented	the	award	
   The	Army	Armament	Research,	Development	               to	Major	General	James	E.	Chambers,	commanding	
and	Engineering	Center	(ARDEC)	is	in	the	midst	           general	of	the	Army	Combined	Arms	Support	Com-
of	developing	a	Fuze	Engineering	Complex,	which	          mand	and	SCoE,	for	the	organization’s	Institute	of	
will	be	located	at	Picatinny	Arsenal,	New	Jersey.	The	    Excellence	accreditation	ratings	in	doctrine,	organi-
complex	is	being	built	in	response	to	a	2005	Base	        zation,	training,	materiel,	leadership,	personnel,	and	
Closure	and	Realignment	Commission	recommen-              facilities.	
dation	to	establish	a	joint	center	of	excellence	for	        The	Institute	of	Excellence	award	recognizes	
guns,	weapons,	and	ammunition	research	by	bring-          organizations	that	have	excelled	in	internal	evalua-
ing	together	elements	currently	located	at	Adelphi,	      tion,	external	evaluation,	and	accreditation.	Given	
Maryland,	under	the	same	roof	as	other	Fuze	Divi-         that	the	second	two	areas	are	hard	to	achieve	with-
sion	elements.                                            out	proper	internal	evaluation,	the	quality	assurance	
   The	$18	million	complex	includes	renovations	of	       teams	within	the	SCoE	played	key	roles	in	preparing	
current	buildings	that	will	be	used	as	office	space.	     the	institution	for	success.	They	were	also	respon-
Two	new	research	facilities	will	also	be	constructed:	    sible	for	preparing	the	SCoE’s	subordinate	organiza-
one	for	fuze	explosive	research	and	the	other	for	        tions,	11	of	which	achieved	“Institute	of	Excellence”	
fuze	electromagnetic	research.	Two	ammunition	stor-       ratings	for	the	September	2008	to	January	2010	
age	bunkers	are	also	being	built,	and	some	of	the	        accreditation	year.
unit’s	anechoic	(sound	absorbent)	chamber	space	will	
also	be	renovated.	The	facility	is	expected	to	be	com-
pleted	by	October	2011.                                    UPCOMING EVENTS
TARDEC	Constructing	New	Vehicle	Research		                 Sustainment	Symposium	and	Exposition
and	Development	Facility                                      The	Association	of	the	United	States	Army	will	
   The	Army	Tank	and	Automotive	Research,	                 hold	its	Institute	of	Land	Warfare	Sustainment	Sym-
Development,	and	Engineering	Center	(TARDEC)	              posium	and	Exposition	from	22	to	24	June	at	the	
is	building	the	Ground	System	Power	and	Energy	            Greater	Richmond	Convention	Center	in	Richmond,	
Laboratory	(GSPEL)	at	Detroit	Arsenal,	Michigan.	          Virginia.	For	more	information	or	to	register,	visit	
GSPEL	will	be	a	30,000-square-foot	complex	hou
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