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Vale Val Wright


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     Vale Val Wright 15.10.1943 – 23.03.2010
     Members of the QNU will be saddened to learn of the passing of Val Wright. A valued member
     of the nursing staff at the RBWH for over 30 years, Val was a well-respected surgical nurse and
     stomal therapist. There would be many Queensland nurses who learned from her over the years.
     Val was a strong and compassionate woman who made it her business to be an advocate for
     Her illness was short, and her passing shocked everyone.
     Val’s life was celebrated at a service at the Lakeview Chapel at Albany Creek Memorial Gardens
     on 30 March and it was attended by many of her nursing colleagues.
     Val will be sadly missed by her husband Paul, her family and her many friends and colleagues.

    Nurses and midwives celebrate our special days
    In May this year nurses and
    midwives celebrated our
    profession as part of International
    Nurses’ Day and International Day
    of the Midwife.
    Along with special events that occurred
    in workplaces across the state, the
    QNU and Queensland Nursing Council
    (QNC) hosted a breakfast in Brisbane to
    celebrate the important days.
    This year, guests of the function heard
    from a number of speakers who
    discussed contemporary nursing and
    midwifery issues. Speakers included
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