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      Caribbean Quarterly, Volume 55, No.3. 2009celebrates the iconic role of
women in nation-building and societal formation. The papers were originally
presented as part of a Lecture Series concieved and organised by the Director of
the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Education Institute, of the Open Campus,
UWI. Each paper was presented at a different venue, thus giving the University's
many constituents in the far flung region of the Commonwealth Caribbean the
opportunity to be able to engage issues of Caribbean development that have long
been of intellectual and cultural concern to their very own University. The team of
presenters comprised mostly academics who were associated with the Open
campus. In the preceeding dispensation many served as Resident Tutors or Staff
Tutors in the sites serviced by the UWI and now the Heads in the Open campus
units located in contributing territories of the UWI. But all were appointed as
academics as well as administrators. Also, such eminent persons as Dame Desiree
Bernard of the Caribbean Court of Justice, and Professor, Sir Hilary Beckles, Pro
Vice Chancellor and Principal of the Cave Hill Campus presented. I myself 
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