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									                                                                                                                                    On the Run                with Robert Hight
                                                                                                                            driver of the Auto Club ’09 Ford Mustang

                                    Max Effort
                                                                                                                            B      ased on our success at the end of last year, I was
                                                                                                                                  so excited heading into this season. We had the
                                                                                                                             same team from 2008 working on my Auto Club Ford
                               Mechanical Roller Cams                                                                        Mustang, and I knew we were going to be awesome.
     For over 50 years Howards Cams has been producing the highest quality cams for per-                                     We didn’t have to train anyone, and everyone had the
     formance applications. Today, our new progressive computer designs are dyno and                                         same duties. We were just going to pick up where we
     track proven to produce the highest horsepower and torque. All Howards Cams are                                         left off, but then we struggled. The biggest thing that
     precision ground on the highest grade billets on the finest machining centers.
                                                                                                                             saved us beyond the help we got from Dean Antonelli
     Packaged in our unique, high impact plastic case, you are assured to receive the finest
     cam available. Sportsman to Top Fuel, our knowledgeable technical support team can
                                                                                                                             and Ron Douglas was having the same guys on my
     help with your cam selection. Just call!                                                                                team. It would have been a worse situation if we
                                                                                                 would have had new guys with new duties or responsibilities; that would have
                                                                                                 been a nightmare. These guys are my friends and partners.
     Vertical Bar Mechanical Roller Lifters                                                          It’s so hard to win in Funny Car. Not just to maybe win a championship but
     8620 heat-treated bodies. Yes, the same 8620 mate-                                          to win a race. When I started racing, I got spoiled. At some point in each of my
     rial some manufacturers are using in their “new high                                        first four seasons of racing, we led the points. We were in the hunt for the
     strength designs”, is what these lifters have been                                          championship right up until the last day of the season almost every year. Then
     manufactured from since their original design.
                                                                                                 this year it was so tough because in the first two-thirds of the season we were
                9310 high nickel steel rollers                                                   terrible. It was humbling. I learned a lot about myself and my team.
                   Superior strength bearings
      Hand assembled & checked for fit prior to packaging
                                                                                                    “It’s not over. We still have one race
                    100% made in the USA!
                                                                                                      to go, and anything can happen.”

                                        Pro Lite Direct Lube
                                      Mechanical Roller Lifters                                     You get hungry when you get a taste of the points lead. You want and expect
                                           (with High Pressure Pin Oilers)                       to win after that kind of early success. John Force asked me why I thought I
                                                                                                 expected to win. He pointed out that there are a lot of great teams and great
                                 One of the lightest tie bar lifters available. Up to 20
                                                                                                 drivers out here who have never won a championship. He asked what made me
                                 grams a pair lighter (only 198g Chev SB) than competi-
                                 tors lightweight lifters. PLUS Direct Lube Dual Shot
                                                                                                 think I deserved it or had earned the right to get a championship. He wasn’t
                                 Bearing Oilers at No Extra Charge. This dual shot injects       trying to get me down; he just wanted me to appreciate everything that was
                                 oil directly to the shafts, for higher load capabilities and    going on around me.
                                longer life. Ultra strong 8620 steel bodies, with 9310              I can honestly say that I have not seen my team arguing, bickering, or fight-
                               steel rollers for reliability. Heat-treated stainless steel       ing this year. They are still the same guys. They live together on the road. They
              cross bars. 100% machined, hand assembled and hand checked in the USA!             work together. They have a good time between rounds while they are doing their
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