Too Little, Too Late

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					                                                              Too Little, Too Late
                                           Greg Anderson knows that the Pro Stock championship
                                                   is out of reach, but he isn’t letting up.
                                                                                           B     arring the sort of miracle comeback that is rarely seen in any
                                                                                                 sport, Greg Anderson knows that for the fourth straight year
                                                                                           he’ll watch someone else take the stage and accept the NHRA Full
                                                                                           Throttle Pro Stock championship trophy. With one race remaining
                                                                                           in the Countdown to the Championship, Anderson is 139 points
                                                                                           behind leader Mike Edwards, meaning that to win the title, he’d
                                                                                           have to win the race, set the elapsed time record, claim the lion’s
                                                                                           share of the qualifying bonus points, and hope that Edwards
                                                                                           somehow gets lost on his way to Pomona and misses the
                                                                                           Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals. In other
                                                                                           words, Anderson need not worry about replacing the big number 2
                                                                                           that adorns the windows of his Summit Pontiac.
                                                                                              While the championship may be out of reach, Anderson’s
                                                                                           season hasn’t been all bad. He has claimed a pair of wins (in
                                                                                           Brainerd and Dallas) and set a personal-best elapsed time in
                                                                                           Richmond with a 6.517. More importantly, he and his teammate,
                                                                                           Jason Line, have managed to remain competitive despite the current
                                                                                           economic woes that have affected virtually every team on the tour.
                                                                                           For the eighth straight year, Anderson will finish in the top three,
                                                                                           and he has managed to go seven full seasons without a DNQ.
                                                                                              Anderson recently spoke with National DRAGSTER Senior
                                                                                           Editor Kevin McKenna, who asked him about his 2009 season, his
                                                                                           plans for next year, and the general state of the Pro Stock class.



    I can

                         Q: How difficult is it to watch                there at the end. He is simply too good a    feeling negative because we didn’t
                         someone else win the championship?             racer. I have respected him for a long       perform up to our standards. We have a
     say                 A: First of all, honestly, deep down, I’m      time, and he happened to peak at the         great team, a great team owner, a great
                         very proud of Mike Edwards. I look at him      right time. Once we got to the Countdown     facility, and great sponsors, so anytime
                         and see a lot of similarities between him      to 1, I thought there was a very real        we go out there and get outrun, it’s like
                         and myself. We’ve both worked as crew          possibility that he’d win all six races.     a personal insult to me, and I don’t feel
     the                 chiefs and tried to find a ride, and then      Obviously, I’m disappointed that we          good about it. Once you’ve gotten to the
                         we were part-time drivers. I just happened     weren’t able to put up a better fight, but   level that our team has been at the last
                         to get some backing before he did and was      this time I can honestly say the best car    few years, that’s what makes this deal
    best                 fortunate to win a bunch of races. His         won the championship. I don’t think you      fun. I guess if you’ve never gotten to
                         story is pretty similar to mine.               could say that about the last two years.     that level, you might enjoy running in
                            Now he’s got his own shop, and he’s                                                      the middle of the pack, but that’s not us.
     car                 got the right people in place, and it shows.   Q: How would you rate your                   When we don’t win, it’s a failure, and
                         He is a great racer, and he’s had the best     performance this year?                       Jason and I take it personally. We’re
                         car at every race he went to this year,        A: Less than perfect. Everybody ha
Description: First of all, honestly, deep down, I'm very proud of Mike Edwards. For that reason, I'd have grade us, at best, a C. Q: Since you are involved in the R&D end of your program, do you ever sit around and think, "What is Mike Edwards doing that we are not?" A:
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