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Off-patent Rx leads fibromyalgia category
As the number of FDA-                                                                                                         generics will decrease in the next
approved fibromyalgia thera-          Brand share by line of therapy                                                          two years, presumably as these
pies has grown, so has patient        First-line prescriptions for fibromyalgia among PCPs, rheumatologists                   physicians turn more frequently
hope for relief from the ail-                        40%                                                                      to drugs with regulatory approv-
ment. however, the condition                 35%
                                                                                      37%                                     al in early lines of treatment.
is still not well understood by       35                            33% 33%     32%            32% 32%                           still, more education could
the medical community overall,        30                                                                                      help boost brand share. On whom
hampering uptake of branded           25
                                                                                                                              should marketers target their
drugs approved for the disorder.                                                                                              educational efforts? Accord-
                                      20                                                                      18%
A new report suggests that bet-                                                                                               ing to Decision resources, a
ter training for internists, who      15                                                                                      focused effort on reducing the
are on the front lines of diagno-     10                                                                                      number of visits that an internist
sis and treatment, could help.         5                                                                                      needs to diagnose fibromyalgia
   the problem starts in the           0                                                                                      could accelerate prescriptions
exam room. Among primary                     Amitriptyline    Cyclobenzaprine   Cymblalta        Lyrica        Savella        for first-line treatments. this is
care physicians (PCPs) who see                                  n= 76 PCPs            n= 75 Rheumatologists                   one area where the numbers
at least 10 fibromyalgia patients      Source: Decision Resources
                                                                                                                              are in pharma’s favor. though
per month, only 4% are com-                                                                                                   rheumatologists could benefit
fortable diagnosing it after one                                                                                              from more education—45% of
visit, compared to over 40% of      patients in the care of PCPs take                 more likely to prescribe generics       them need to see a patient two
rheumatologists, according to a     longer to receive their diagnosis,                than branded drugs for patients         times before feeling comfortable
survey from Decision resources      they likely must wait longer for                  with this condition. (Forest/           with a diagnosis—focusing detail
which focused on the emerging       drug treatment.                                   Cypress bioscience’s savella            efforts on the nation’s 4,600
category. “this underscores            Confusion in 
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