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                          Antidote              BY DR. SIEGEL
                                                                Device companies learn
                         i thought i would take a short
                         step away from the usual drug
                                                                how to utilize DTC ads
                         analysis to discuss mammo-             Medical device com-                  more traditional media outlets
                         grams. Given the recent US             pany representatives attending       still constitute the majority of
                                                                their industry’s leading trade       activities, advaMed said, the sur-
                         Preventive Services Task Force         association annual conference        vey results revealed social media
                         recommendations discouraging           in October received results of       is still a fairly new phenomenon
                         the routine use of mammograms          a “snapshot” Porter Novelli          in comparison to existing dTc
                                                                survey about medical device          marketing campaigns.
in ages 40 to 50, it is important to re-examine this test.      dTc marketing initiatives and           “dTc marketing and advertis-
    On the surface, mammograms would appear to be               heard from panel members on          ing can be particularly helpful in
unassailable, diagnosing 80-90% of breast cancers               the importance of using dTc          raising awareness of new lifesav-
                                                                campaigns to raise awareness of      ing and life-enhancing technolo-
even while asymptomatic, leading to a 15% reduc-
                                                                new lifesaving and life-enhanc-      gies and underutilized medical
tion of deaths from breast cancer between the ages              ing technologies.                    technology,” Boston Scientific
of 40 to 60. But the task force is concerned that the              The Washington-based trade        vice president for cardiovascular
                                                                association, advaMed, said the       regulatory affairs Tony Blank told
incidence of breast cancer between 40 and 50 is
                                                                survey’s goal was to assess how      the conference. “industry is com-
still so low, and the risk of false positives is so high,       medical device companies are         mitted to supporting responsible
that many women must endure the anxiety of not                  conducting dTc marketing ini-        dTc advertising and advaMed’s
                                knowing as well as the          tiatives. Some 90% of respon-        guiding principles when devel-
 More women see                 physical discomfort of
                                                                dents said their campaigns focus     oping campaigns to ensure both
                                                                on patient benefit materials, such   benefit and risk information are
 an improvement                 unnecessary biopsies.           as patient education brochures,      presented to patients in a clear
 in their quality of               But this analysis            with most campaigns relying          and understandable manner.
 life when cancer is ignores the fact that                      on print advertising. although                    —James G. Dickinson

 diagnosed before it though only 1/1,900
 escapes the breast women between 40 and
                                50 have their lives saved
by 10 years of screening, many more see a significant
improvement in their quality of life when their can-
cer is diagnosed before it escapes the breast.
   Not to mention the art of medicine, where erro-
neous results are reduced by utilizing the best of
mammographers. These experienced practitioners fre-
quently replace biopsies with careful follow-up studies
for comparison. Screening mammography is an impor-
tant tool for a primary care physician, and it should be
                                                                  EISAI DONATED SOME 80 MULTI-PANEL MURALS painted by
applied to women after the age of 40, especially when             Eisai 
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