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Let's Talk Kicks


After launching in Reebok's men's basketball line, the company foresees children wanting in on the action.

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                                                                            Let’s Talk Kicks
                                                                            Reebok lets kids make their own statement.
                                                                                                                    KIDS GET A clean slate for doo-
          STREET                                                                                                    dling thanks to Canton, MA-based
                                                                                                                    Reebok’s new Talkin’ Krazy line. The
          WORK                                                                                                      line’s “Write, Erase, Repeat” concept
                                                                                                                    came from NBA players who wrote
                                                                                                                    messages on their shoes before games.
                                                                                                                    After launching in Reebok’s men’s
                                                                                                                    basketball line, the company foresees
                                                                            children wanting in on the action. “Whether kids want to make a fashion
                                                                            statement, stand apart from their peers or show off their artistic flair, the
                                                                            Talkin’ Krazy collection encourages them to express themselves,” says Neil
                                                                            Hernberg, head of kids’ product.
                                                                               The shoes, which retail for roughly $29 to $60, have a seamless leather
                                                                            upper with a coating that enables dry-erase markers to write on the shoe
                                                                            and wipe off. The design team behind the Talkin’ Krazy lines was inspired
                                                                            by the brush strokes and splashes of color found in graffiti. “By using this
                                                                            street-style graffiti look, we were able to transform some of our most iconic
                                                                            models into something totally new and fresh,” Hernberg adds. The line-up
                                                                            includes a metallic silver high-top with pops of orange for preschoolers and
                                                                            a black sneaker with pink and purple highlights for toddlers. “Customiza-

        Get In Character                                                    tion is a constant theme in kids products, but this is something completely
                                                                            new and fresh,” Hernberg explains. —Angela Velasquez

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                                                                            A Fresh Spin
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