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									     HALL OF FAME
                                                              All in the Family
                                                 Stride Rite’s Parker II wins the hearts of parents,
                                                            generation after generation.
         LACING UP A crisp pair of Stride Rite’s Parker II signifies a           medical community in all of our marketing vehicles, emphasiz-
         sweet but fleeting time in children’s lives, when parents can re-       ing education, research and innovation,” Kretchmar says. The            PREVIOUS
         treat to a timeless shoe style they once wore—without resistance.      latest take on the versatile, lightweight bootie protects little feet   HALL OF FAME
         “The Parker II brings classic style, nostalgia and tradition to pur-   with a wrapped toe guard, promotes natural movement with its            INDUCTEES
         chasing the first walking shoes,” says Jenn Kretchmar, senior vice      deep flex grooves and helps stabilize and balance babies with
         president of product for Stride Rite Children’s Group. “It brings      contoured landing pads on the heel.                                     2007
         parents and grandparents back to their own first shoe memory—              The Parker II is a unique creature in a category where buy-
         a moment they can share and reminisce with their children.”            ing is influenced by physicians, traditions, trends and play date        Vans’
            As part of the then Green Shoe Manufacturing Company’s              chitchat. The shoe has survived the hard sole/soft sole debate be-
         1919 collection (which also included an assortment of “health          tween pediatricians, podiatrists and parents. And the staple style
         protective” shoes called Stride Rite), the first-walker bootie was      continues to outsell many of its trendier competitors, which bank       Ferragamo’s
         the pride of the then Boston-based company (now of Canton,             on cutesy embellishments and gift-ready packaging to make the           Vara pump
         MA) and was plugged to retailers and parents as a “fine juvenile        sale. Yet, according to Kretchmar, the Parker II’s iconic status and
         shoe.” The original bootie, offered in white, brown, tan, gray and     the profound emotional connections it carries may be its strongest
         black, was made from quality buck and elk leathers and sold at         attributes: “Our brand holds deep traditions with many families;
         wholesale for just $1.50 during 
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