Music Business: Limitless Careers for Music Lovers

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					            SBOReport:                                Music Business Programs

        Music Business:
        Limitless Careers for Music Lovers
                       hile many assume that collegiate

        W              and university music programs

                       function almost exclusively to

                       churn out professional musi-

        cians, the truth is that the vast majority of

        undergraduate institutions have an incred-
                                                                          ♫                      ♬
        ibly diverse range of opportunities for stu-

        dents interested in all facets of music. While

        players may receive top billing, music edu-

        cation, music production and engineering,

        composition, music therapy, and music busi-

        ness studies are just a few of the other of-

        ferings one can find at most music schools.

        In fact, at many prominent institutions,

        non-performance majors represent a major-

        ity of the student body. If one thinks about

        this for a moment, it makes sense: for ev-
                                                             One such often-overlooked area of study is music business.
        ery performer out there, there are scores of      At Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass., it might come as
                                                          a surprise to learn that music business is the largest major in the
        people behind the scenes who have worked          college, with about 460 students, 16 faculty, and 35 courses, says
                                                          Don Gorder, the chair and founder of the school’s Music Business
        diligently to make the performance happen.        and Management Department. “Our courses run the gamut from

        16 School Band and Orchestra, November 2009

SBO_16 16                                                                                                               10/30/09 12:17:52 PM
            very traditional business courses you       which to reach their fans through the              Following is a sampling of colleg-
            might find in any business school, like      likes of MySpace, Facebook, Youtube,           es and universities that have music
            accounting and marketing, to courses        blogs, and other resources. The well-          business degree programs. Please
            that are very specific to the music indus-   documented travails of the recording           note that this is not a comprehensive
            try, like Music Products and Commerce.      industry against illegal downloading           listing.
            We have a student-run record label and      also raise many interesting questions             Anderson University
            a very active internship program.”          for those interested in aspects of music          Anderson, IN
                Music business programs can lead        distribution, band management, mer-               Bradley University
            to a host of different professions, from    chandising, and other related fields.              Peoria, IL
            artist management to instrument man-           Different schools take different ap-           Capital University
            ufacturing and sales. According to pro-     proaches to preparing their students              Columbus, OH
            gram director Rey Sanchez, the Frost        for success in this new digital environ-
                                                                                                          Chadron State College
            School of Music’s Music Business and        ment. “The dissemination, distribu-               Chadron, NE
            Entertainment Industries program at         tion, and consumption of music in the
                                                                                                          Eastern Kentucky University
            the University of Miami was the first        digital domain, how it is discovered              Richmond, KY
            collegiate music business program in        and how markets are made for music,
                                                                                                          Elmhurst College
            the country. “MBEI alums are em-
                                                                                                          Elmhurst, IL
            ployed in virtually every area of the       “You don’t have to leave music,
            music and entertainment industries,”                                                          Ferris State University
                                                        if that is your love, just because                Big Rapids, MI
            he notes. “In recent years we have seen     you don’t become that star on
            a number of graduates employed i
Description: According to program director Rey Sanchez, the Frost School of Music's Music Business and Entertainment Industries program at the University of Miami was the first collegiate music business program in the country. [...] we have historically emphasized fundamentals such as copyright, publishing, rights administration, royalties, music licensing and legalities.
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