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									070_SC1109   10/7/09       12:58 PM

                                                    East Course, 54.497sec on the West,
      Formula 125                                   totaling 109.382sec. Jaclyn McClintock
                                                                                                   Keeping the drivers
                                                                                                   and gear dry was

      T   he East Course seemed to be a
          karter’s dream because of its tighter
      turns. It looked like the karts were being
                                                    and Lisa Garfield were close on Craner’s
                                                    heels. Garfield had the second quickest
                                                    time on Thursday at 55.5sec while
                                                                                                   important in a
                                                                                                   number of heats. If
                                                                                                   nothing else,
      bent around the cones, but the pavement       McClintock was at 55.6sec. Friday, they        Soloists are a
      proved not to offer as much grip as one       reversed: McClintock’s 54.5 was quicker        resourceful group.
      would have thought. After their second        than Garfield’s 54.9. With only two
      runs, most F125 competitors found the         trophies available, the runner-up award
      groove, and the time improvements             went to McClintock, who was 0.785sec
      evidenced this. The West Course turned        behind Craner.
      out to be more of that dream course.             Craner competed this year out of the
      Said Brain Garfield, “I was able to go        new Eastern Idaho Region after running
      from third to sixth gear.”                    in previous years as a Yellowstone Region
         Paul Russell found himself in first        member. Hers was the first championship,
      place after Thursday runs, clocking           in fact the first trophy of any kind, for an
      51.082sec on his second run. By Solo          Eastern Idaho Region entrant.
      standards, he had a pretty stout lead –         Donna Marx
      more than half a second over Jeremiah

                                                                                                                          JASON ISLEY
      McClintock’s 51.6. Both Garfield and          SUPPLEMENTAL CLASSES
      Alan Sheidler had 51.9s.
         On the zippy West Course, that             Street Modified FWD
      quartet fought for the lead on every
      run. McClintock was the only driver to
      get into the 50s with a 50.807, but
                                                    A    ppearing for the first time at the
                                                         Solo National Championships,
                                                    supplemental class SMF featured six
                                                                                                                                        FORMULA 125
                                                                                                                                        1. Paul Russell
                                                                                                                                        2. J. McClintock
                                                                                                                                                                SanD Tony Kart Krypton 102.111
                                                                                                                                                                Det Tony Kart Extreme 102.457
      Russell’s stout lead served him well. A       drivers in front-wheel-drive Street Mod                                             3. Brian Garfield       WDC CTS                103.058
      51.0 gave him a winning 102.111sec
      time and a 0.346sec victory over
      McClintock. Sheidler and Garfield,
      always very close, battled for third with
      Garfield ahead by just 0.1sec.                     FORMULA 125
                                                          Paul Russell
      Formula 125 Ladies                                San Diego Region
      T   he site seemed 
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