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									068_SC1109   10/7/09       12:52 PM

                                                   endured a very wet impound, but were happy that all of           winning her first Solo National
      E Modified                                   their competition runs were dry.                                 Championship with a combined time

      J   eff Kiesel could have quit after just
          one run each day. He set fast time on
      both courses with his first run. Oh, he
                                                     Beth Whitworth

                                                   F Modified Ladies
                                                                                                                    of 112.641 and a margin of 1.702sec.
                                                                                                                       Smith almost didn’t return for
                                                                                                                    Wednesday’s competition. Tuesday
      went even faster, but coned out every
      time he did.
          E Modified ran fifth heat on the West
                                                   A     ll five FML drivers came to the grid with two-cycle
                                                         formula cars of the Formula 440/500 variety. Michelle
                                                   Quinn and Beth Smith rose above the others as they
                                                                                                                    afternoon she received near-tragic
                                                                                                                    news from home regarding her father,
                                                                                                                    bringing into question the very
      Course. The 20-car class had was filled      returned from the West Course with timeslips containing          thought of competing versus flying
      with multiple past champions and             numbers in the 56sec range, while the rest of the field was      home instead. After many calls and
      trophy winners. Kiesel’s opener was          all well over one minute.                                        updates, she decided to stay in Lincoln
      54.502 while his dad, Mark Kiesel,               Having run previous events against each other this           with her “second family” and finish
      drove the Kiesel Family Sprite to the        year, both Quinn and Smith knew that one of them would           what she came to do. With added
      second spot with a 54.6. Robert Tunnell      surely be right there to take the lead if too many mistakes      determination and enormous support
      in the BarekAub.com M3 also ran his          were made.                                                       from family, friends and fellow
      best on his first run, settling for a 55.5       As the first heat of the first day came to an end, Quinn     competitors, she accomplished her
      and third spot after day one. The only       must’ve felt a little bit of relief in knowing that a cone was   goal of winning the championship for
      other driver to get to the 55s was Darin     called on Smith’s final run, keeping the margin to just          her father. The class wasn’t even
      Long aboard a Sprinto 7, who finished        under half a second instead of just over – Smith’s 56.061        released from impound when Smith
      the day with a 55.8.                         chased by Quinn’s 56.4.                                          heard five words from her father she
          The threat of rain on Friday put the         On the East Course, things continued where they left         will never forget. She was told “I’m so
      fifth heat into hurry-up mode. The           off. After the first runs, Quinn lead Smith by 0.1sec.           proud of you!”
      Kiesel car sprinted to the front of the      Digging deep, both ladies improve on each of their                  “Words can’t describe the feelings,”
      pack again on the first runs, with Mark      remaining runs, but Smith showed with a pair of 56s,             she said. “There is no way I could’ve
      having a 57.0 and Jeff turning a blazing     while Quinn’s were a pair of 57s. Smith drove Paul               done this without the help and support
      54.634. It was good enough to keep him       Magee’s KBS Mk. 4 to another FTD with a 56.580,                  of my family and friends”.
      in the top spot at 109.136sec. Dad Mark
      stayed solidly in second with his final
      run of a 55.6. Tunnell finished the day
      with a 55.8, so the day one podium was              E MODIFIED
      unchanged after day two.       
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