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									061_SC1109       10/7/09              12:29 PM

        Monday night. I’m terrified of driving in                                                school football – commanded the West          had never run against Kugler before, so I
        the rain, and living in Southern                                                         Course on Thursday with a 57.712sec           didn’t know what to expect. But I’d like
        California we don’t get a chance to                                                      run on his third attempt. That was            to thank all the Honda guys for coming
        practice, so this was like doomsday for                                                  0.6sec better than the time set by Allen      into the class. The competition makes it
        me – but it all worked out. The surface                                                  Kugler in his 1990 Honda CRX (named           fun, and makes the class better.”
        was great.”                                                                              Fester) which ran in EP last year.               Kugler also embraced the class
             Jeff Cashmore                                                                          If there was any question of whether       diversity. “It seems pretty course
                                                                                                 the design of the East Course on Friday       dependent,” he said. “We learned so
        G Prepared                                                                               would favor other makes, Bollinger            much. I think the ‘limited prep’ rule is

        T    he return to concrete was a big shift
             for all classes, but for GP this was
        also the year the limited prep Hondas
                                                                                                 answered it with an exclamation point
                                                                                                 right out of the gate. He blistered a
                                                                                                 58.584 – the fastest GP time of the day
                                                                                                                                               going to work out. Plus, I love going
                                                                                                                                               through the grid and seeing such a wide
                                                                                                                                               variety of competitors.”
        made their debut in a class historically                                                 – on his first run. Kugler approached
        filled with classic European roadsters.                                                  that by his third run with a 58.9 raw         G Prepared Ladies
        The addition helped improve class
        attendance, but the Hondas did far
        more than just fill the class.
                                                                                                 time, but clipped a cone and finished
                                                                                                 second overall, 1.359sec behind
                                                                                                 Bollinger’s 116.296 for both days.
                                                                                                                                               G     P Ladies reversed the pecking order,
                                                                                                                                                     the two Honda drivers claiming the
                                                                                                                                               only trophies in the class of five.
            Four Honda drivers were among the                                                       Scott Giles and Scott Hearne put CRXs         On Thursday, Denise Kugler and
        16 GP drivers running in the third heat.                                                 in the third and fourth trophy spots, while   Fester managed a 60.259 on her last
        All four finished in the top half, three in                                              Bo Rader would bookend the Hondas             pass of the West Course. That was
        trophies – but as promising as the                                                       between English roadsters, taking the last    enough to hold a slim lead of less than
        Hondas appeared, Steve Bollinger, in his                                                 trophy spot in his1964 Sprite.                0.2sec over Kim Bollinger’s Sprite. But
        impeccable yellow 1966 Austin Healey                                                        “I’d been going round and round with       on Friday, running in the final heat for
        Sprite wasn’t rolling over. Bollinger –                                                  Giles in the Honda all season, mostly at      the entire week, the skies quickly
        returned after a
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