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Jackson had made up some time after first runs but couldn't go any faster, while Larsson kept improving on her rain tires.

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									060_SC1109    10/7/09       12:29 PM

                                                       Toby Larsson and his 1999 BMW came close, finishing          Nationals for years. [Lincoln Airpark] is
      E Prepared Ladies                             Tuesday’s first heat action on the West Course only             like the old Salina and Forbes days. This

      T    he defending champion would not
           defend – Jennifer Parker was home
      in Hawaii nine months pregnant – so a
                                                    0.037sec off the pace set by Thomas. The defending
                                                    champ’s 1971 Datsun 240Z had a 56.606 on his final run,
                                                    While Mike Tews’ Z car was in third and Mark Berry’s 2003
                                                                                                                    is the way it ought to be. This is home.”

                                                                                                                    F Prepared Ladies
      first-time champion was guaranteed.
      When the fourth heat was wrapped, it
      would end up being Parker’s mother
                                                    Mitsubishi Evolution was in fourth. Tom Holt’s 280Z broke
                                                    during first runs and he co-drove the rest of the event in
                                                    Berry’s AWD Evo, which was quite a change of pace.
                                                                                                                    F    Prepared Ladies wasn’t a nail biter
                                                                                                                         like the Open class, at least on the
                                                                                                                    first day. Beverlee Larsson’s 57.618 in
      claiming the jacket, Amy Lee, who flew           On Wednesday’s East Course, Thomas looked to have            her BMW would give her a 3sec lead
      in from Hawaii and returned to Tom            another win under his belt with a 56.448 final run for a        over Tricia Jackson’s Porsche during the
      Ellam’s Mazda RX-3, which she had last        113.054 total. That was until Larsson ran a 56.2, which         midday runs on the West Course.
      driven in 2006. The other competitor          would have been enough for the win except for the two               However, Wednesday’s rainy but
      was Charina Hansen driving Robert             cones that were added. He ended up in second place,             drying third heat conditions changed
      Chrismas’ Civic Si.                           0.632sec back. Berry took third, Holt moved up to fourth        things a bit for the East Course. Jackson
          Lee DNF’d her first runs both             pushing Tews to fifth. Aaron Goldsmith took the final trophy.   had made up some time after first runs
      Thursday and Friday, but recovered to            With Thomas claiming four in a row, the three-peat           but couldn’t go any faster, while Larsson
      set West Course FTD of 61.833 to              pattern is broken. The championship count is actually five      kept improving on her rain tires.
      Hansen’s 63.3. Hansen was quickest on         in FP, counting a 1991 win, and a record book best of 16 in     Eventually, her 66.717 would give
      the East at 63.942sec to Lee’s 64.3.          Open classes when his 11-win streak in EP is included. It’s     Larsson a 124.335sec total for a
      When times were tallied, Lee had              Interesting to realize that tiny Mississippi Region has 14      commanding 7.8sec win.
      126.147, winning by 1.158sec.                 trophy finishes over the years and Thomas has 13 of them.           However, it was not without some
          There are SCCA regions just a day trip       “This is my third event of the year,” Thomas said. “I ran    personal drama. “Our clutch slave
      down I-80 from Lincoln who didn’t send        the car exactly the same way as it was at Forbes Field. The     cylinder went out during the ProSolo
      as many competitors to the 2009               only changes are the new vents in the hood to give it more      Finale and it’s hard to find one out here.
      Nationals as Hawaii Region this year.         cooling and the debut of the new spoiler. I was talking to      We had some friends fly one out with
      And, this year, Hawaii had two                some of the older guys who have been here and running           them from California and we installed it
      champions on the same day (also
      winning STUL in the first heat). Now,
      when will we see someone fly in from
      Guam or Guayacán Puerto Rico Regions?
        Liz Leckey                                         F PREPARED
                                                          John Thomas
      F Prepared                                         Missippi Region
      F    Prepared has been a class of three-
           peats. In the 1980s, Andrew Craig
      won three of the first four times the class
                                                             Zee Racing
                                                           Datsun 240Z
      was run. In the 1990s, Craig Nagler took
      three in a row. The past nine years has
      seen a hat trick of hat tricks, triplets by
      Greg Fordahl, then Chris Cox and finally
      John Thomas. Now, there has been an
      influx of more modern machinery the
      last few years and people were
      wondering if new would finally replace
      old at the top of the class.

                                                                                                                    F PREPARED
                                                                                                                    1. John Thomas              Miss Datsun 240Z             113.054
                                                                                                                    2. Toby Larsson             CSCC BMW E36                 113.686
                                                                                                                    3. Mark Berry               Tex Mitsubishi Evo VIII 115.082
                                                                                                                    4. Tom Holt                 LnSt Mitsubishi Evo VIII 115.585
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