The highs and lows

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      SCCA                                                                VANTAGE                                               While this instance did make me
                                                                                                                                back my pace down for a couple
      Member benefits                                                     POINT                                                 of laps, I learned from the incident
                                                                                                                                and was right back at it before the
                                                                                                                                end of the day.
      The number and variety of special                                   JEFF DAHNERT                                              I’m sure the staff at Skip Barber
      offers available under the SCCA                                     SCCA Inc.                                             hears this all the time, but if they had
      Member Benefits program                                             President and CEO                                     told me on the first day what I’d be
      continues to grow. These partners                                                                                         doing by the third day I would have
      continue to offer advantages to                                                                                           told them they were crazy. I
      members under the program:              The highs and lows                                                                thoroughly enjoyed myself and was
                                                                                                                                able to experience a small glimpse of
                            Discounts                                                                                           what a racer experiences. I’m still
                            include $75                                EVERYTHING WE DO IN LIFE has a balance of risks          grinning about it a week later.
                            off the price                              and rewards. Generally speaking, the higher the risk         Unfortunately, along with the high
      of an Ultimate 30 Data Acquisition                               involved in the activity, the higher the rewards. This   of racing and pushing a vehicle to its
      System and a $50 discount on                                     applies to almost every aspect of our lives, and it      limits, there is the risk of a low for
      Data Acquisition Training Seminars      certainly applies to activities within the SCCA. Last week, I was able to         those who participate in this activity.
      at Advantage           experience both the highs and the lows that exist within our Club.                While I was at Road America, I
                                                  As you may know, I do not come from a racing background. But I                received word of Alan Burgess’
      Members can                             wanted to be able to have some of the experiences that many of you have           passing. Alan was the GT-2 driver who
      receive up to                           on a regular basis, so I enrolled in the Skip Barber three-day MX-5 racing        passed away from injuries suffered
      10 percent off                          school at Road America. I figured if I completed the course and was looked        during a race at Daytona. This was a
      Alamo’s already great rental rates.     at as being merely proficient at the different aspects we were taught, my         harsh reminder of the risks involved in
                                              goal would be achieved. I was unsure of my ability to heel-toe downshift          this sport. I attended his funeral later
                                              and threshold brake when I began the course. However, because of the              that week and was overwhelmed at
      Receive $10 off of any purchase         skill and knowledge of the instructors, I was almost pushing the car to its       the outpouring of support for his
      over $99, $20 off orders of $179 or     limit by the end of the third day.                                                family from his SCCA family.
      more and 10 percent off all air             Along the way, I had one of those “Oh $#@%” moments while going                   Within a few short days, I was
      intakes at            through the infamous “kink.” I had set a goal of being able to carry 100mph       witness to both the risk and reward
                                              through the kink and I was able to get there by the third day. However,           that our sport has to offer. While
      Receive a 10-percent discount           during one of the laps, my concentration faltered, just for a second, and I       we can never make racing, or any
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Description: [...] the higher the risk involved in the activity, the higher the rewards. Luckily I was able to catch it in time and not add my car's red paint to the collection on the wall.
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