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United States Department of Education Update


[...] we were pleased to welcome a new publication at the National Institute of Corrections titled "Creating a Workforce Development Culture to Reduce Reincarceration." (Visit the NIC publications page and insert the title to access the publication on line or to order a hardcopy.) This publication recounts the experience of an ED funded Life Skills project that intentionally addressed personal change and institutional culture in prison workshops, housing units and education program areas through a unified curriculum approach.

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									            The Journal of Correctional Education 60(4) • December 2009

  United States Department of Education

                                 John Linton

We have recently welcomed new leadership at the Office of Vocational and
Adult Education, the parent organizational unit for the Office of Correctional
Education. The President’s appointment of Assistant Secretary of Education
Brenda Dann-Messier was confirmed by Congress in mid October. Dr. Dann-
Messier is most recently the director of a vibrant community based adult
education organization, Dorcas Place, in Providence Rhode Island. She has
worked extensively with programs for disadvantaged populations and, with
her private sector experience and orientation; we expect her to challenge
assumptions of how business should be done!
      Correctional education seems to be attracting considerable attention in
recent months as evidenced by a wealth of newly published resource materials.
The final publication summarizing the prisoner reentry roundtable on education
held in New York City in 2008 is available under the title, “From the Classroom
to the Community, Exploring the Role of Education during Incarceration and
Reentry.” The comprehensive and well researched paper is available at the
Urban Institute website. (Search “Prisoner Reentry Roundtable,” then reference
roundtable number ten on education and prisoner reentry.) Also new
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