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Report from the European Prison Education Association - PDF by ProQuest


There were over 40 workshops, with the conference focusing on a number of key themes, including the education of juveniles, the role of the creative arts in the correctional education curriculum and pre and post-release Initiatives.

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									           The Journal of Correctional Education 60(4) • December 2009

            Report from the
  European Prison Education Association

                          Cormac Behan
                 CEA International Representative

European Prison Education International Conference
The 12th European Prison Education Association International Conference was
held in Cyprus from 28 October to 1 November. The conference, Education
through Liberation gave correctional educators from around the world the
opportunity to present papers, discuss common challenges facing educators
working in correctional facilities and exchange best practice. It was also a
chance to learn about Cypriot culture and history.
    Conferences are an ideal opportunity for correctional educators to share
experiences and discus policy. Papers and publications give us the opportunity
to open up debate about the philosophy of prison education and develop ideas
to further enhance our practice. As Europe does not have a homogenous
correctional education system, with both justice systems and educational
provision differing widely from country to country, EPE
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