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            Vater Honors Memeory of Jeffrey                                                                     time to answer questions and to sign
            Phillips                                                                                            autographs.
            In October, Vater Percussion brought                                                                    The Xavier Muriel session at Weymouth
            Xavier Muriel, drummer for Buckcherry,                                                              High School was part of Vater’s ongoing in-
            to Weymouth High School in Massachu-                                                                volvement with the school in memory of
            setts, as a guest speaker for the school’s                                                          Jeffrey Phillips, who passed away this past
            music students.                                                                                     July. Phillips who graduated from Wey-
               Xavier spoke to the 60 plus mu-                                                                  mouth High in 1996, was an employee of
            sic students about his personal back-                                                               Vater for 10 years. Additionally, Vater has
            ground, the history of Buckcherry, life                                                             donated $14,000 worth of drumsticks and
            on the road, his inf luences, and what                    was a high school music student back      percussion accessories to the school.
            his hopes and dreams were when he                         in Austin, Texas. Xavier also took some       For more information, visit

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