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Print Publishing: Review and Forecast


Sales for us did not begin to recover until late spring (?9). [...] we have been climbing steadily upwards, but not at the same rate at which sales fell.

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        Print Publishing:
        Review and Forecast
            “The print music market once again showed its resilience compared to
            other segments of the MI business,” notes Hal Leonard’s Larry Morton,
            when reflecting upon the past year. That’s good news for publishers
            – and good news for dealers who stock any of the top titles outlined in
            this report.
               Though challenges remain and no one, single answer is the cure-all
            for the market’s woes – or for MI retail, in specific – things do seem to
            be looking up. As Alfred Music Publishing’s Andrew Surmani puts it, “It’s
            a tough economy right now and it will be a slow recovery, but we are already
            seeing signs that things are turning upwards.”

            Hal Leonard
            Top Sellers 2009
            ●   Twilight Soundtrack & Score         ●   Glee (TV show)
            ●   Hannah Montana - The Movie          ●   Kings of Leon
            ●   Taylor Swift                        ●   At a Glance (book/DVD series)
            ●   Beatles Publications                ●   Guitar for Kids
            ●   Sound of Music                      ●   Essential Elements
                (40th Anniversary)                      for Band & Orchestra

               Despite the tough economy,                     2009 and we’re antici-
            the print music market once                       pating a growth turn-
            again showed its resilience                       around in early 2010. Our         publications that encourage more people
            compared to other segments                        focus for next year is to pro-    to play music.
            of the MI business. Our                           vide even more expanded
            songbooks, methods, and in-                       services to our dealers, par-                              Larry Morton
            structional materials con-                        ticularly with merchandising,                                  President
            tinued with steady sales in                       and also to stay focused on new                       Hal Leonard Corp.

            72 MMR                                                                                                      DECEMBER 2009

MMR_72 72                                                                                                                      11/24/09 10:27:11 AM
            Alfred Music Publishing
            Top Sellers 2009
            ●   Alfred’s Adult Piano Course, Book 1       ●    Led Zeppelin Mothership –
            ●   Alfred’s Adult All-in-One, Book 1              Guitar Tab

            ●   Alfred’s Basic Piano Library,             ●    Premier Piano Course, Lesson 1A
                Lesson 1A                                 ●    Michael Jackson Number Ones
            ●   Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method,                  – Piano/Vocal/Guitar
                Book 1                                    ●    Accent on Achievement, Trumpet
            ●   Suzuki Violin School, Book 1                   Book 1 & CD
                Revised Edition                           ●    Alfred’s Basic Prep Course, Lesson A

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