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            26th Annual

        Fifty Dealer
             Fifty State
                                               Review & Forecast

            “T        he recession hit us
                      pretty hard, as it did
                      everyone else,” says
            Marc Forman of Albuquerque’s
            Marc’s Guitar Center and, while
                                                  So, are things getting better? Have we
                                               already turned the corner with respect
                                               to this mess? Since the summer months,
                                               various pundits and experts have been re-
                                               porting that early indicators point to an
                                               end to our country’s economic tailspin. In
                                                                                                    Reassuring words, to be sure, but does
                                                                                                that evaluation ring true with music re-
                                                                                                tailers? “My outlook for 2010 is positive
                                                                                                because I believe we have already bot-
                                                                                                tomed out,” states Magnolia Music Cen-
                                                                                                ter’s (Gulfport, Miss.) Tony Strong and
                                               September Federal Reserve chairman Ben           that cautious optimism is shared by many
            the assessment hardly qualifies     Bernake said that, “From a technical per-        we spoke with while compiling this year’s
            as “breaking news,” Foreman’s      spective, the recession is very likely over at   50 Dealer 50 State Report. However there
                                               this point.”                                     are plenty who see all such analysis as be-
            statement pretty much sums up,
            in succinct manner, the overall
            shared experience of the past
            few years in the world
            of American MI

            30 MMR                                                                                                         DECEMBER 2009

MMR_30 30                                                                                                                          11/24/09 10:23:34 AM
          ing only so much smoke and mirrors:             Outlook for 2010:                             ARIZONA
          “No recovery,” declares Joe Kane of             I am fully stocked up for the holiday
          Stafford, Virginia’s Bang Music. “It’s up                                                     Atomic Guitar Works
                                                          season and I am approaching 2010 with
          to us to recreate our business and oper-                                                      Peoria
                                                          hopes that it will be better than 2009. The
          ate with the available resources… I ex-                                                       Harry Howard &
                                                          first three months of the year are usually
          pect that the new economy will be one                                                         Tim Mulqueeny, owners
                                                          my strongest months so I plan on being
          of consumer spending that is more in            ready. I have some major repairs already
          line with actual family income than in          scheduled into January.
          the past 20 years. The false economy of

          credit card debt and home equity debt           Product of the Year:
          is over.”                                       Alvarez acoustics and Boss pedals.
              Predictions are, of course, merely
          educated guesswork and only time will
          tell how things pan out in the coming           ALASKA
          months. As Front Porch Music’s (Ba-             The Music Man                                 2008 vs. 2009:
          kersfield, Calif.) Artie Niesen puts it,         Anchorage                                     2008 was strong, but towards the end of
          whatever your own, personal take on the         Al Green, manager                             the year people became very careful with
          immediate future, “Always hope for the                                                        how they were spending their disposable
          best!”                                                             2008 vs. 2009:             income. This has carried over into 2009.
                                                                             Fairly flat                 Although this can be looked at as a bad
                                                                                                        thing, we have taken this as an opportu-
          ALABAMA                                                            Highlights and             nity to focus on the most profitable seg-
                                                                             lows of 2009:              ments of our operation.
          Greenbrier Music Shop
          Anniston                                                           Native Flutes have
          Wayne Brown, owner                                                 been a consistent and      Highlights and lows of 2009:
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