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How can we save the music if the government doesn't allow dealers and manufacturers some help getting lending from the banking and the credit card industry? The use of modern technology in our own facility, the finest musical wire available, and the acoustic expertise we have accumulated over 176 years combine to create finished guitar strings that provide the playability and performance to satisfy the most demanding musicians.

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                     Hi Rick:                                           to create finished guitar strings that pro-
                     Our company belongs to another association         vide the playability and performance to
                     called the National Association of Manu-           satisfy the most demanding musicians.
                     facturers and I am always receiving e-mails           Best regards,
                     about what is going on up on Capital Hill, as                               Timothy McNair
                     well as surveys about different things, the lat-                     C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
                     est of which covered the effect of the current                Director of Sales & Marketing,
                     economy on business banking. I was calling a                                  String Division
                     dealer trying to collect on a past due account
                     and we wound up talking in some depth              Dear Christian:
                     about our respective situations. It is very         In your recent November issue there is an
                     surprising that, even as a small manufacturer      interview with Andy Wilson of Mapes Piano
                     and a small dealer, the two of us are both in      String Company on pages 64 and 65. There
                     the same boat, as far as credit lines being low-   is a serious inaccuracy in this story which is
                     ered or cut off – and these are from banks we      probably a misquote or a misunderstand-
                     have been dealing with for years.                  ing and I would appreciate if you can print a
                         He was saying that NAMM should be up           correction or this letter in your next issue.
                     there on the Hill finding out what they can             The article states:
                     do for their members as far as getting them            “Not only does Mapes produce piano
                     credit assistance with lenders and help with       strings and piano wire, but it’s also one
                     health care. As a manufacturer, I have felt        of the major manufacturers of guitar
                     somewhat like a bank having to extend lon-         strings. Mapes sources such major brands
                     ger credit terms, et cetera, and I really can’t    as Martin, Ernie Ball, DR, D’Addario,
                     afford to do that, but it is nice to let dealers   and D’Aquisto, to name a few.”
                     around the states see and feel that we are all         While D’Addario does purchase some
                     in the same boat and that a lot of us have         raw materials from Mapes, we have
                     pulled together to work through things.            never sourced a guitar string from an-
                         I would like to know if NAMM knows             other company. We make all our strings
                     about this type of thing and if there is any-      at our Farmingdale facility, right in the
                     thing they can do about it up on Capital   
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