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THE ARMY’S “ORGANIC”                             brings in 100,000 pounds from Europe to
UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS                        Bagram. It off-loads a smaller amount (say
AND AIRPOWER TRENDS 2010                         20,000 pounds) to a C-130 that goes to a re-
                                                 gional airstrip that supports 10 forward
I believe that the Air Force needs to acceler-
                                                 bases. The C-130’s payload is split into 10
ate its efforts in unmanned aircraft systems
                                                 packages of 2,000 pounds that are shipped
(UAS). In particular, I think it should de-
                                                 to each of these bases by UAV STOLs. The
velop UAS delivery of air cargo to forward
                                                 original packing is based on each base’s
bases in Afghanistan—for two compelling
reasons. First, as noted in Maj Travis Bur-      unique needs and doesn’t need repacking.
dine’s article “The Army’s ‘Organic’ Un-         Of course, there will be last-minute needs,
manned Aircraft Systems” (Summer 2009),          but if this system satisfied 90 percent of the
“Improvised explosive devices (IED) have         requirements, it could be quite efficient.
killed more ground soldiers than any other          Our current stable of UASs (e.g., Preda-
threat—over 60 percent of the total” (p. 95).    tor, Reaper, etc.) is optimized for long en-
No IED can destroy an unmanned aircraft.         durance. What we need for a short-range
Second, as mentioned in “Airpower Trends         cargo UAS is a craft with a high lift wing,
2010” (Summer 2009) by retired Air Force         rugged landing gear, and not necessarily a
colonel John Jogerst, “We have solutions in      long range. The German Fieseler Storch of
hand to get unmanned system
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