Military Ethics: The Dutch Approach - A Practical Guide by ProQuest


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									confusion generated by emergency phone lines,              Preventing such transgressions is the reason
radio call-ins, and media interviews.                   for training in military ethics. Baarda and Verweij
    Lastly, Anderegg reminds readers of the great       have edited a Dutch training manual on military
leadership at Clark and Subic Bay during the            ethics, writing or cowriting nine of its 16 chap-
eruption and coinciding hurricane, both of              ters. Developed from a practical training guide,
which sealed the fate of all military personnel in      the manual is time-tested and credible. Specifi-
the Philippines. Despite the confusion and mul-         cally written for the Dutch military, the book
tiple natural disasters, not one US citizen died—       offers examples and principles that apply
everyone evacuated safely.                              equally well to other military forces. American
    Would the American military still be in the         military personnel will recognize the concepts of
Philippines had the volcano remained dormant?           command responsibility, proportional force, ne-
Probably, but it would have had to assume an            cessity, and humanity; they are already familiar
astronomical financial burden stemming from             with considering military codes of conduct.
base reconstruction, not to mention the necessity          Although American readers will learn much
                                                        from Military Ethics, military members from any
of dealing with ever-increasing demands from
                                                        nation will find it especially useful for creating
the Philippine government. Anderegg briefly
                                                        or teaching an ethics training program. The real-
mentions the importance of the political aspects
                                                        world examples come from a wide range of mili-
but, rightly, does not dwell on the subject.            tary and humanitarian operations conducted by
    Should Mount Fuji (currently classified as an       many different militaries.
active but low-risk volcano) ever erupt, com-              The examples and chapters are specifically
manders at Yokota Air Base would face the same          written for the different Dutch military services
sort of situation that confronted their counter-        and for members of many professions who have
parts at Clark—coping with a foreign government         independent ethical standards, such as doctors,
and large noncombatant evacuations. Thus, The           social workers, and other medical specialties.
Ash Warriors also serves as a valuable case study for   Other chapters consider the problems of com-
support commanders or emergency-management              mand, ethical leadership, reasons for abandon-
personnel. Furthermore, engineers should take           ing or ignoring ethical principles, and ways of
note of the author’s characterization of water          helping troops maintain their ethical standards.
distribution and sanitization (including personal          The many chapters allow specific discussions
hygiene) as probably the single most important          of professional ethical conflicts. When doctors’
factor in preventing death and sustaining sanity        medical ethics conflict with their military ethics,
in the days immediately after Pinatubo’s eruption.      how do they resolve difficult problems? Can con-
                                                        fidential counselors or social workers effectively
                           Maj Darrell Smith, USAF      help people if they must also turn in soldiers
                            Shaw AFB, South Carolina    who have committed a crime?
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