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                                                  I   n 2009, the Army National              recognized the importance of the
                                                      Guard mobilized and deployed           transformation effort and has es-
                                                      more than 43,000 Soldiers. They        tablished the modular coordination
                                                  were sent to 62 countries as part of       cell (MCC). In concert with the
                                                  the State Partnership Program, while       Army National Guard MCC, state-
                                                  an additional 5,600 Citizen Soldiers       level MCCs assist with state- and
                                                  were mobilized for domestic opera-         unit-level transformation efforts.
                                                  tions. The Army National Guard             The Army National Guard director-
                                                  continues to demonstrate vital expe-       ate and state MCCs work jointly
 MG Raymond Carpenter                             rience and accessibility.                  to provide detailed information on
                                                      The Army National Guard made           the status of the transforming units.
 MG Carpenter assumed duties as                                                              This unit-specific information pro-
                                                  notable progress this year with ini-
 acting director, U.S. Army Nation-                                                          vides the Army National Guard and
                                                  tiatives such as the Afghanistan
 al Guard, National Guard Bureau,                                                            Headquarters Department of the
 Washington, D.C., in May. As the
                                                  Agribusiness Program, the Domes-
                                                  tic All-Hazards Response Team, the         Army leadership with information
 chief of staff and the assistant ad-
                                                  Muscatatuck Urban Training Center,         on the status of an individual unit
 jutant general for the South Dakota
 Army National Guard from 2000 to                 the Battle Command Training Capa-          as it transforms into a new, modular
 2006, he was engaged at the senior-              bility Program, the eXportable Com-        design. Additionally, the MCC pro-
 leader level in the largest mobiliza-            bat Training Capability, the Patriot       vides information for Army National
 tion of the South Dakota National                Academy, the General Equivalency           Guard leadership to make critical,
 Guard since World War II. From 2004              Diploma Plus program, the Yellow           informed decisions essential to the
 to 2006, MG Carpenter also served                Ribbon Reintegration Program, and          success of deploying units.
 as the deputy commanding general                 the Community-based Warrior Tran-              The end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2009
 for the Maneuver Support Center,                 sition Program. The Army National          marked the end of five years of sig-
 Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. MG Car-                   Guard remains focused on being             nificant transformation in the Army
 penter has commanded at all levels.              the most experienced and accessible        National Guard’s force structure as
 In 1993, he became executive offi-                                                          it completed the most comprehen-
                                                  Reserve force of choice for the states
 cer of the more than 5,000-Soldier                                                          sive organizational change in history
                                                  and the nation.
 Task Force Rushmore, a humani-                                                              during a time of historically high
 tarian mission in Panama. In 1999,               Modularity and Experience                  operational tempo. In FY 09, the
 MG Carpenter was awarded the Sil-
                                                      The Army National Guard has            Army National Guard mobilized
 ver de Fleury Medal for his work at
 the national level in support of the
                                                  made significant progress moderniz-        43,225 Soldiers in support of combat
 Corps of Engineers. MG Carpenter                 ing and converting to an operational       operations (Iraq, Afghanistan, and
 began his military service when he               force. The Guard has continued to          Kuwait) and mobilized an additional
 enlisted in the South Dakota Army                adapt to fulfill all levels 
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