Improving Air Force Capability by ProQuest


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                                                  Air Force
                                                  B         y all measures, 2009 was a      pable, their numbers necessarily go
                                                            successful year for the Air     down. Aging platforms are being re-
                                                            Force Reserve. Reserve          tired and not replaced on a one-for-
                                                  Airmen continued to support our           one basis. The Air Force is required to
                                                  nation’s needs, providing superb op-      make the most of its smaller inven-
                                                  erational capability around the globe.    tory. To this end, the Air Force Re-
                                                  The Air Force Reserve is more rele-       serve, Air National Guard, and Regu-
                                                  vant to the Air Force than ever before.   lar Air Force are integrating across the
                                                      However, with success comes           force, exploring associations wherever
 Lt Gen Charles E. Stenner Jr.                    new challenges and opportunities.         practical. The Air Force is aggressively
 Lt Gen Stenner is chief of Air                   Air Force Reserve Airmen are being        examining all Air Force core func-
 Force Reserve, Headquarters U.S.                 integrated into a wider variety of        tions for integration opportunities.
 Air Force, Washington, D.C., and                 missions across the full spectrum             Over the past 40 years, we have
 commander, Air Force Reserve                     of operations. Indeed, the Depart-        established a wide variety of associ-
 Command (AFRC), Robins AFB,                                                                ate units throughout the Air Force,
                                                  ment of Defense (DoD) is consider-
 Ga. As chief of Air Force Reserve,
 he serves as principal adviser on                ing using Reservists from all services    combining the assets and manpower
 Reserve matters to the Air Force                 to perform missions utilizing their       of all three components to establish
 chief of staff. As commander of                  unique civilian skill sets. Moreover,     units that capitalize on the strengths
 AFRC, he has full responsibility                 all indicators point to an increasingly   each component brings to the mix.
 for the supervision of all U.S. Air              challenging fiscal environment.           We recently partnered with Air Mo-
 Force Reserve units around the
                                                      The challenges we face are not        bility Command to create three more
 world. The general is a command
 pilot with more than 3,500 flying                unique to the Air Force Reserve or        active associate flying squadrons in
 hours in the F-4, A-10, and F-16. He             the Air Force. Each of the military       2010 and beyond. About 500 Regu-
 has commanded four operations                    services is being asked to shift capa-    lar Airmen will associate with Air
 groups and two fighter wings, and                bility and capacity across the spec-      Force Reserve flying units at Keesler
 has served as director, Transfor-
                                                  trum of conflict—including irregular     
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