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 Please Join Us for AAAI /
   IAAI 2010 in Atlanta!
The Twenty-Fourth AAAI Conference
on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-10)
will be held July 11–15, 2010, at the
                                                                                 AAAI News
Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta,
Georgia. The Twenty-Second Confer-
ence on Innovative Applications of Ar-
tificial Intelligence (IAAI-10) will be
                                                                                    Winter News from the
collocated with AAAI-10, and will be                                           Association for the Advancement
held July 13-15 (see                                                 of Artificial Intelligence
   The AAAI program cochairs for
2010, Maria Fox (University of Strath-
clyde, UK) and David Poole (Universi-
ty of British Columbia, Canada) will                 a focused talk on a problem or prob-                   describe related research or clearly ex-
continue the innovations introduced                  lem class that is challenging for exist-               plain how the work addresses prob-
during the past several years of the                 ing techniques and that they believe                   lems in physically embodied agents,
conference, including two new tracks                 deserves dramatically more attention.                  opportunities, or issues underlying
and a new collocated education sym-                  A challenge paper should include a                     such systems.
posium. An overview of the special                   clear statement of the technical chal-
tracks is included in this quarter’s                 lenge, an argument as to why the chal-                 Senior Member Papers
AAAI News. For the full technical call               lenge is important, discussion of pre-                 The Senior Member presentation track
for participation, as well as all pro-               vious relevant work, along with a                      provides an opportunity for estab-
gram deadlines and guidelines, please                means of evaluating progress. Ideally,                 lished researchers to give a broad talk
visit the AAAI-10 website at www.aaai.               a challenge issued in one AAAI will                    on a well-developed body of research,
org/Conferences/AAAI/aaai10.php.                     spark several years of intense research,               an important new research area, or a
                                                     the fruits of which are highlighted in                 thoughtful critique of trends in the
Special Track on Artificial
                                                     the succeeding conferences. Chal-                      field.
Intelligence and the Web                             lenges are welcome from specialists in
This special track invites research pa-              traditional subfields as well as related                Nectar Papers
pers on AI techniques, systems and                   disciplines that share with AI prob-                   The goal of the Nectar special track
concepts involving or applied to the                 lems, techniques, or perspectives.                     (new scientific and technical advances
web. Papers should either describe                                                                          in research) is to make the most sig-
web related research or clearly explain              Special Track on                                       nificant AI results presented at other
how the work addresses problems, op-                 Integrated Intelligence                                conferences in the last two years avail-
portunities or issues underlying the                 This track welcomes submissions on                     able to a broad AI audience. Papers
web or web-based systems.                            issues that arise in the design and con-               that are based on important results al-
                                                     struction of an integrated system,                     ready published in the proceedings of
New! Special Track on Artificial                      which include clear evidence for the                   at least one major specialized confer-
Intelligence and Bioinformatics                      efficacy of the integration. Papers                     ence during 2008 or 2009, as either a
This special track invites the submis-               should highlight synergistic effects of                single paper or a series of papers, are
sion of research papers on novel AI                  integrating components from distinct                   welcome. This program aims to offer
concepts, techniques, and systems to                 areas of AI to achieve intelligent be-                 researchers the opportunity to learn
address current problems in bioinfor-                havior. They should articulate the in-                 about areas with which they may not
matics and computational and sys-                    novative mechanisms used to com-                       already be familiar, as well as encour-
tems biology. Papers should describe                 bine multiple components and should                    age the sort of cross-disciplinary AI
either bioinformatics related research               demonstrate the synergy achieved                       work that has historically been sup-
that takes advantage of AI methods, or               through this integration.                              ported by AAAI.
clearly explain how a particular AI ap-
proach may be capable of addressing a                Special Track on                                       New! Symposium on
particular computational challenge                   Physically Grounded                                    Educational Advances in
arising from the life-sciences.                      Artificial Intelligence                                 Artificial Intelligence
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