Women Fight 'Segregation' - of Being Relegated to Back of Bus by ProQuest


"With the exception of being physically harmed, I was hurt in every manner," H. said. "He called me every name imaginable. I was shocked, and I didn't know how to respond to him.""One guy got on the bus, sweating bullets and started shouting at me, 'What are you doing?! It's against the law!' " [Naomi Ragen] recalls of her decision to sit up front. "The way he was speaking to me I really did feel like Rosa Parks. Had he said 'Excuse me,' I would have maybe been more willing to consider his request. But since he turned it into such an issue, there was no way I could lose my dignity as a human being and move to the back.""Whatever the decision is, the end result is that women will not be abused on buses," said Ragen. "Nobody knew about this case before we filed. If we find the abuses are continuing, we're going straight back io court. It's a long struggle, but there's no way to reconcile democracy and this kind of antiquated thinking."

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