Driving Program Improves Skills, Educates Older Drivers by ProQuest


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                        DRIVER SAFETY                                                  The program relates to a larger issue—determin-
                        Driving Program Improves                                    ing when a person should put the car keys down.
                                                                                    Doing this has a huge effect on a person’s life and
                        Skills, Educates Older Drivers                              well-being, and with current technologies and driv-
                        Determining whether an older loved one can still
                                                                                    er testing practices, testing only during license
                        drive well behind the wheel can lead to a seeming-
                                                                                    renewals may not be enough for older drivers. But
                                     ly awkward conversation. Studies gener-
                                                                                    while dialogue about age and driving continues, a
                                     ally agree that driving ability begins to
                                                                                    way to increase the level of driving skill now exists
                                     drastically decrease at around age 65,
                                                                                    to help people whose skill may be deteriorating.
                                     but not everyone ages the same way and
                                                                                    Driving ability is determined not only by mental
                                     determining whether someone is still
                                                                                    ability but by physical reaction as well, and the
                                     able to drive can be difficult. The new
                                                                                    DriveSharp program can test and improve both.
                                     DriveSharp program from Posit Science
                                                                                       “It isn’t a specific age per se,” Kissinger says.
                                     not only helps determine how good a
                                                                                    “What we need to do is to integrate new technolo-
                                     person’s driving skills are, but it also can
                                                                                    gy and processes so people who are renewing their
                                     help improve skills with repeated use.
                                                                                    licenses can be tested on their physical fitness and
                                     The program has been endorsed and
                                                                                    mental fitness.” Learn more about the program at
                                     funded by the American Automobile
                                     Association’s (AAA) Foundation for
                                     Traffic Safety and is meant to help
                                     younger and older drivers improve their
                                     mental cognitive abilities. “You can reap
                                     the benefits of this program no matter
                                     how much you use it,” says Peter
The DriveSharp pro-     Kissinger, president and CEO of AAA.
  gram helps deter-        The DriveSharp program uses two computer
  mine how good a       games, Jewel Diver and Road Tour, to determine a
     person’s driving   starting skill level. The games become more chal-
 skills are and helps   lenging as the user improves and as they test
improve those skills    several necessary driving qualities including multi-
 with repeated use.     tasking, focusing on two objects at once and
                        peripheral vision. After a few games, the user takes        IPAF’s new s
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