REAL EDUCATION: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America's Schools Back to Reality by ProQuest


In his latest book, Murray argues that the education system in the United States is broken because of four general "truths" about its current practices: * The topic of multiple intelligences is misunderstood, leading many people into a sense of "educational romanticism," or the idealistic belief that an emphasis on a student's unique intelligences can somehow counteract the student's deficits in logical reasoning or linguistic aptitude * Half of the students are performing below average, and there is very little the education system can do to improve their academic abilities * Far too many people are going to college, relegating the bachelor's degree to nothing more than an artificial job qualification * America will always be run by an elite population of politicians, business people, scientists, great thinkers, civic leaders, and producers of culture, thus necessitating a system that focuses on these elite, rather than on the bottom half of the student population. Murray is a strong proponent of school choice, and his education reform plan includes expanding this choice to strengthen such alternatives as homeschooling, voucher programs, and charter schools.

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