Obama and Kerry Slow the Push for Sanctions by ProQuest


[Frederick Jones] refuted rumors that [John Kerry] would keep the legislation from reaching the floor, although that is in his power as a committee chairman: "We're working with the administration to reach a solution that achieves the minimum all parties" seek. "There's no hold, it's not dead, it's just they're anticipating the legislative process.""We want to create coalitions," US. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a Dec. 10 interview with Al Jazeera when she was asked if the United States was near ing the point when it would impose sanctions unilaterally to persuade Iran to make its nuclear program more transparent. "We want to find common ground with people. There are many things we could go off and do unilaterally, as the prior administration certainly demonstrated. That's not our chosen path. We would prefer to take some more time, to be more patient, to bring people together to make the casa""The vote that was accumulated condemning Iran, calling for Iran to act, was shocking to some people because it was so unified," she said. "It wasn't just the United States. It was Russia, it was China and many other countries. That's because we have spent time listening and working hard to create this common ground and these common interests, and we've done it out of a sense of mutual respect."

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