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Museum Head Brings Heritage to New Position


"The concept of inalienable rights stems from the fundamental driver of human rights: the idea that we are created in the image of God. You see that come alive in the Declaration of Independence, and somewhat later in the Constitution," he explained. "We're talking about respect for minorities, government validation of public opinion, validation of the minority viewpoint."His goal is to expand on the center's function as an educational and cultural institution, finding ways to broaden citizens' engagement with their government and its processes. In essence, said Eisner, he seeks to foster a deeper commitment to civic responsibility - a sense "that we're in this together.""I do think that the nature of the way the country has evolved since the Constitution was written has helped us to be the most successful, creative, powerful Jewish community outside of Israel," she said, "and I think there is a natural bond between those who are interested in civic life and those who care about the future of Jewish life in America."

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