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Vending Operator
of the Year
George Yost
Premier Services, Denver, Colo.                                                                      By Elliot Maras, Editor

F        or George Yost, the 2009 Automatic Merchandiser
         Vending Operator of the Year, there is no mystery
         to succeeding in refreshment services. A veteran
since 1979, Yost has been active in every aspect of the
business, from honor boxes to OCS to vending to manual
                                                                                                             George Yost
                                                                                                             imports coffee
                                                                                                             from Cameroon
                                                                                                             to have better
                                                                                                             quality control.
feeding and catering.                                                                                        Coffee is now
    As he enters his third decade as the owner of Premier                                                    the best part
Services in Denver, Colo., the future looks better than ever,                                                of his business,
despite the recession. In reflecting on his career, Yost believes
                                                                                                             which includes
that his willingness to work hard, serve the customer and have
                                                                                                             vending, OCS,
the right people behind him have positioned him to succeed.
                                                                                                             manual feeding,
    While customers have become more demanding in
                                                                                                             catering, and
recent years, Yost has focused his attention on the most
                                                                                                             honor boxes.
promising segment: coffee. In recent years, he launched
his own roasting operation to improve product quality. In
the last year, he has gone a step further by importing coffee
directly from growers in Cameroon, Africa.                             Yost started from humble beginnings in Great Bend,
    While his journey has taken him a long way from his            Kan., the son of a firefighter. After winning a scholarship to
foundation in the h
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