Nestl Professional to acquire Vitality Foodservice Inc. North American division by ProQuest


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▶   Pennsylvania vendors                   America Food Service’s Fort Wayne
    battle 48-inch machine                 branch, which Snyder’s Distributing
                                           Inc. recently acquired.
                                                                                              People in the News
    accessibility rule
The Tri-State Automatic Merchandis-                                                           INDUSTRY LOSES GERI MATTSON
                                           ▶   PFG will buy Somerset                              Geri Mattson, the long-time
ing Council is working to overturn a
                                                                                              business manager of the Better
policy in the state of Pennsylvania            Food Service                                   Vendors Association operator buying
that requires vending machines to          Performance Food Group (PFG),                      cooperative and long active in the
have their controls no higher than         which owns Vistar Corp., will acquire              Illinois Automatic Merchandising
                                                                                              Council, recently passed away fol-
48 inches high on the machine.             Somerset Food Service, a broadline
                                                                                              lowing an illness.
Most vending machines’ controls are        foodservice distribution company in
54 inches high. The requirement has        Somerset, Ky. Somerset Food Service                MULTI-MAX LLC NAMES MARK MILLER
been mandated by the state’s depart-       will become one of PFG’s broadline                 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
ment of labor and industry and has         distribution operating companies,                     Multi-Max LLC, which manufac-
been enforced by municipal building                                                           tures pre-filled cartridge and cas-
                                           operating as “Performance Foodser-
                                                                                              sette vending machines, named Mark
departments.                               vice — Somerset.” Tommy Jones, cur-                Miller chief executive officer. Miller
                                           rently general manager, will become                also owns Corporate Refreshment
▶                                          president of Performance Foodservice               Services, a San Diego, Calif.-based
    AVI Foodsystems Inc.                                                                      operator of Multi-max ® TWINWIN ®
                                           — Somerset.
    buys Bertsch Services                                                                     vending machines.
AVI Foodsystems Inc., the Warren,
                                           ▶   KRh Thermal Systems                            ARAMARK’S ZASLOW FORMS
Ohio-based food and refreshment
service provider, has acquired Bertsch         reorganizes operations                         MARKETING CONSULTANCY
                                                                                                  Former Aramark
Services, a Warsaw, Ind.-based             KRh Thermal Systems, Inc., which                   Marketing Vice Presi-
foodservice and vending provider for       manufactures machines that cook and                dent Brian Zaslow has
an undisclosed sum from founder            serve a variety of pre-cooked meals                launched Zaslow Mar-
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