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contribute not just its policies, but its money, too.’’ World        Source: BUSINESS AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Vol. XX, No. 11,
Bank Treasurer Kenneth Lay commented, ‘‘We’re very               November 2009, published by CCH Inc., a Wolters Kluwer
pleased . . . with the confidence [California] is showing in     business. This article is reproduced with permission.
the quality and liquidity of World Bank bonds as a means
[to meet the climate change challenge]’’.
                                                                 Ontario Takes on Tires
     For additional information about SEB and on the World
Bank Green Bonds, see and http://                    Some three million used tires languish in stockpiles
treasury.worldbank. org/newsinvestors.                           scattered across Ontario. In the past, most used tires have
                                                                 been exported from the province to be used as fuel, a
    Derived from BUSINESS AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Vol. XX,          practice that has been criticized for creating air pollution.
No. 12, December 2009, published by CCH Inc., a Wolters          So, more and more of the unwanted, unloved round
Kluwer business. This article is reproduced with permis-         rubber rejects are piling up, creating breeding grounds for
sion.                                                            mosquitoes and constituting a fire hazard. However, the
                                                                 Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), a not-for-profit organiza-
                                                                 tion developed by Waste Diversion Ontario, has decided
                                                                 to tackle the problem head on.
Sustainable Banking Awards Winners
                                                                      On 1 September 2009, the OTS launched a new Used
     The Financial Times and the International Finance Cor-      Tire Program to recycle 90% of scrap tires and eliminate
poration (IFC) recently announced the winners of the 2009        those nasty stockpiles within 3–5 years. The recycling pro-
                                                                 gram, the first of its kind in Canada, is based on extended
FT Sustainable Banking Awards. This is the fourth year of the
                                                                 producer responsibility (EPR), which holds producers
awards, which recognize banks and other financial institu-
                                                                 responsible for the environmentally sustainable disposal of
tions that have shown true innovative leadership in inte-
                                                                 their products. The Used Tire Program will be funded by
grating social, environmental, and corporate
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Description: Teck (formerly Teck Comineo) was sentenced on December 2, 2009 in respect of a chemical spill that took place on May 28, 2008 in Trail, British Columbia that resulted in the discharge of 900 kilograms of lead refinery electrolyte and 360 litres...
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