41st Fires Brigade, III Corps

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					                                                                                                   41st Fires
                                                                                                   III Corps
        s January 2008 began, the 41st Fires     Salvador, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania,          manned in partnership with the Iraqi army
         Brigade was trained and ready,          Poland and Romania, as well as Task Force          and police.
         serving as a contingency expedition-    Tusken, which oversaw the border transition            Working with the Wasit Provincial Re-
ary force — prepare-to-deploy-order mis-         teams at Combat Outpost Shocker on the             construction Team, the 41st Fires Brigade
sion, providing lethal and nonlethal fires and   Iranian border. The brigade also partnered         accomplished historic events including the
fire support anywhere in the world. Then         with the 32nd Iraqi Army Brigade as well           renewal of cultural events not seen in the
in late January 2008, the brigade received       as the provincial Iraqi police.                    area since before Saddam Hussein’s regime
a change in mission, directing the unit to           The brigade deployed with its 2nd Bat-         took power. Operation Bring on the Docs
deploy to Wasit Province as a battlespace        talion, 20th Field Artillery, and 589th Bri-       was a joint medical civil-military opera-
owning brigade serving as a brigade combat       gade Support Battalion, while 1st Battalion,       tion between the Wasit Director General
team in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.      21st Field Artillery, deployed ahead of the        of Health and the 41st Fires Brigade, de-
The brigade reorganized, trained at home         brigade in support of detainee operations at       signed to restore the medical capacity in
station and began to deploy personnel and        Camp Bucca. 1-21 Field Artillery was later         Wasit and to bring clinics up to the regional
equipment five months later.                     re-tasked by Multi-National Division–Cen-          health care standard. Members of the bri-

 D    eployments and operations. Arriving
       in Wasit, the brigade served under the
10th Mountain Division and Multi-National
                                                 tral to support operations in Basra. In all,
                                                 the brigade deployed with more than 1,200
                                                                                                    gade surgeon cell and Company C, 589th
                                                                                                    Brigade Support Battalion completed 39
                                                                                                    lectures, 28 key leader engagements with
Division-Central. The brigade previously             The brigade oversaw Operation Iberian          hospital staff, and 25 hospital assessments,
deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Free-     Fly-Away, where 1,600 Georgian soldiers            and treated more than 5,300 patients during
dom as 4th Fires Brigade, 4th Infantry Di-       had to redeploy in 72 hours back to Georgia        the deployment.
vision, Operation Iraqi Freedom 05-07 and        because of the conflict with Russia. 589th             Operation Jack Straw was a joint task
as 41st Field Artillery Brigade, V Corps in      Brigade Support Battalion helped facilitate        force comprised of the brigade legal team,
2003. Headquartered at Forward Operating         the movement of the Georgian soldiers and          military police, law enforcement profes-
Base Delta in Wasit Province, Iraq, the 41st     their equipment. The result of the Georgian        sionals, a provincial reconstruction team,
Fires Brigade was responsible for a coali-       redeployment was moving 2-20 
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Description: First Strike deployed ahead of the 41st Fires Brigade in support of detainee operations at Camp Bucea in April 2008. With the addition of the joint security stations after the Georgian redeployment as well as providing for Combat Outpost Shocker on the Iranian border, Iron Caisson Soldiers completed more than 270 combat logistic patrols, distributing more than 485,000 gallons of fuel, 430,000 gallons of water and 80,000 cases of bottled water. 589th maintenance shops did more than 5,800 maintenance jobs, while the air terminal moved more than 1 1,000 passengers and 4.5 million pounds of cargo.
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