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The No Fear battalion deployed to the Central Command theater in October, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and is providing air and missile defense to critical theater assets, as well as conducting theater security cooperation activities with Gulf Coalition Counsel partners. 2nd Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery.

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									                            108th Air Defense Artillery
                              Brigade – “Spartans”
         eadquarters, 108th Air Defense
         Artillery Brigade. Headquarters,
         108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade,
Fort Bragg, N. C., moved from Fort Bliss,
Texas, in the summer of 2007 as part of a
Base Realignment Commission initiative.
During the past two years, the brigade
has deployed more than 1,800 Soldiers in
support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and
Enduring Freedom, as well as more than
600 Soldiers on a year-long unit rotation
to the Republic of South Korea.

 3    rd Battalion, 4th Air Defense
      Artillery Regiment. Skystrikers (Pa-
triot/Avenger) had seven batteries deployed
in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
during the past two years, with missions
ranging from traditional air defense to
nonstandard operations. These missions
included Counter-Rocket, Artillery and
Mortar, early warning, convoy security,
and detainee operations. In September, the
Skystrikers reorganized into a composite
Patriot Advanced Capabilities 3, Patriot/
Avenger battalion and soon will begin new       CSM Richard Clem (center) out in the field with his fellow Soldiers of the 108th Air Defense Artillery
                                                Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Battery. (Photograph courtesy of 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade)
equipment training on recently received
Patriot systems. The battalion’s E Battery
Executioners remains the U.S. Army’s only
air defense forced entry capable unit and
supports the 82nd Airborne Divi
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