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                                                                     The vanguard
                                                                      of economic

Companies investing in productivity-enhancing positioning
technologies are poised for growth                    By Don Talend

         o business leaders, aggres-     nity exists because most others have     the bad times provide and being in
         sive moves may appear to        fallen victim to irrational fears and    a position to dominate the market
         be strategically counterin-     are conserving funds.                    when the hard financial times end.”
         tuitive during an economic          Ray O’Connor, president and              Visionaries such as O’Connor real-
         downturn such as the world      CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems        ize that, more than ever, companies
is currently experiencing. However,      (TPS), rates as a contrarian who does    embracing increased productivity
firms that invest in new technologies    not follow the crowd. His company        through technology will drive the
will not only position themselves for    acquired Sokkia Co. Ltd. in February     world’s economic recovery. The cur-
explosive growth when macroeco-          2008 — several months after the U.S.     rent economic recession provides a
nomic conditions improve but will        economy had sunk into the current        rare window of opportunity for for-
also lead the recovery by setting        deep, prolonged recession — to form      ward-thinking companies in the con-
higher standards for productivity.       the world’s largest leading supplier     struction, survey, civil engineering
   In industries that use heavy equip-   of surveying equipment. The trans-       and agriculture markets.
ment, such as highway construction,      action grew the largest division of          In tough times, increasing produc-
companies have the opportunity to        Topcon, which happens to operate in      tivity through the adoption of techno-
acquire new machine-control and          an economic sector hit particularly      logical breakthroughs can mean the
telematics technologies, and position    hard by the downturn.                    difference between success and fail-
themselves for growth and market             O’Connor indicates that, for con-    ure. A factor that makes technology
dominance once the recession ends.       struction and surveying companies,       adoption easier is the relative afford-
   A popular topic of discussion         cutting-edge technology will be their    ability of the new technologies —
during the 
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