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Hubbard's Orlando & East Coast paving operations add new plants


Hubbard Construction Company operates an Astee Double Barrel dryer/ mixer at its Orlando Paving Company's East Coast Paving facility in West Palm Beach.

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This leading Florida
asphalt producer/
contractor expands its
commitment to quality
mantra with two new
Astec Double Barrel plants

          ubbard Construction Com-      early 1980s.                            in Florida: four in the Orlando area;
          pany’s commitment to             “During Florida’s booming            two in Jacksonville; and one in West
          quality has played a key      growth in the latter half of the 20th   Palm Beach. There are separate oper-
          role in its growth over the   Century, Hubbard Construction           ating divisions in each of those areas,
          years.                        was closely involved in the develop-    plus another one in Tampa that does
   “Hubbard Construction Com-           ment of the major attractions in the    not have an HMA plant at this time.
pany was founded in South Caro-         Orlando area, including Walt Dis-          Hubbard Construction has a sister
lina in 1920 by Francis Evans Hub-      ney World, the Orlando International    company — Blythe Construction —
bard,” says Jeff Roberts, USA techni-   Airport, and the NASA Kennedy           that has its headquarters in North
cal director for The Hubbard Group.     Space Center on Cape Canaveral.”        Carolina. That company operates
“In 1924, he moved his company             Roberts went on to describe how      seven HMA plants and is in the pro-
to Florida. Frank M. Hubbard, son       Hubbard Construction has grown to       cess of installing several new plants
of Francis Evans Hubbard, ran the       where it is today. The company has      to serve its market area. The two
company from the early 1950s to the     seven hot-mix asphalt (HMA) plants      companies report combined annual

42   asphalt contractor • • December 2009

                                                                                  bard Construction recently added
                                                                                  two new Astec Double Barrel HMA
                                                                                  plants: one with Orlando Paving in
                                                                                  Winter Garden near Orlando and
                                                                                  one with East Coast Paving in West
                                                                                  Palm Beach.

                                                                                  Winter Garden plant
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