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                                                          pavements has risen         that the DOT has awarded for work
                                                          to match the cost of        on state highways in 2009 have been
                                                          concrete.                   below the engineers’ estimates.
                                                              Speaking on behalf          • In Minnesota, 10 sizeable pave-
                                                          of the National Asphalt     ment projects have been alternate
                                                          Pavement Association        design bid in the construction sea-
                                                          (NAPA), asphalt pro-        sons of 2007, 2008, and 2009. Some
                                                          ducer/contractor Larry      were for the DOT and others were
                                                          Lemon said, “Asphalt        for large commercial customers. The
                                                          pavement is the buy         lowest bid on all 10 projects was for
                                                          of the year. There are      the asphalt pavement.
                                                          a couple of reasons             Lemon concluded, “Asphalt isn’t
                                                          for this. For one, with     just the best material for roads and
                                                          the economy causing a       highways, it’s the most cost-effec-
                                                          slowdown in construc-       tive. All the state DOT engineers
                                                          tion activity, competi-     across the country should be aware
An attendee of the CEI Service Training
Seminars learns how to properly adjust a                  tion is fierce. Also, the   that their dollar will go at least 30%
fuel gun assembly.                                        price of asphalt cement     farther in 2009 than it would have
                                                          is lower than it was last   last year.
                                                          year. What it adds up           “Now is the time for America to
 CEI OFFERS                              to is that owners and roadbuilding           renew our roads and highways by
 TRAINING SEMINARS                       agencies are getting a great price.”         milling the surface for recycling, and
 Seminars to be held January and         Lemon, chairman of Haskell Lemon             then placing a new asphalt overlay,”
 February in Albuquerque                 Construction Co., is the chairman-           he continues. “The traveling pub-
    CEI Enterprises will host its annual elect of NAPA’s Board of Directors,          lic will be getting a new road that is
 Service Training Seminars January slated to take office in January.                  smooth, durable, safe and quiet. And
 11-14, January 18-21, and February         Concurring with Lemon was                 the road agencies will be getting their
 1-4, 2010.                              Asphalt Institute Pr
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