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EPA Reform of SPCC Rule Relieves Small Business Burdens
by Kevin Bromberg, Assistant Chief Counsel

The Environmental Protection                     Advocacy has worked with EPA           The SPCC rule affects hundreds
Agency (EPA) has now imple-                  and the affected trade associations        of thousands of small businesses,
mented its 2008 reforms of the               to improve the SPCC rule, while            including farmers, manufacturers,
Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and           still protecting the environment           and oil and gas production facilities
Countermeasure (SPCC) rule, con-             The SPCC program is designed               that store more than 1,320 gallons
cluding an effort that the Office            to prevent spills of oil into water-       of oil at a given facility
of Advocacy has been involved in             ways, and to contain spills after             EPA realized that its original rule
since December 2002, when it held            they occur Facilities subject to the       put an unnecessary burden on firms
the first roundtable on the rule             program must develop spill preven-         that did not contribute significantly
   EPA’s revisions streamline                tion plans designed to prevent and         to the oil spill problem EPA was
reporting requirements in order              minimize such discharges                   attempting to address The Novem-
to increase overall compliance                   EPA’s amendments are designed          ber 2009 revised rule contains
Advocacy had encouraged EPA                  to increase overall compliance by          many of the changes suggested by
to listen to small businesses and            small firms while reducing the             the Office of Advocacy in Febru-
include provisions that will benefit         regulatory burden on facilities that       ary 2006 comments to EPA The
small business in the reformed rule          handle small volumes of oil and            compliance date has been set for
After re-examining the December              hav
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