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The Editor, The Queensland Nurse, GPO Box 1289, Brisbane 4001 or by email to * Enquiries can be made to the Publications Officer on (07) 3840 1421 or email The QNU Annual Report (including the Financial Report) for the year ended 30 June 2009 is now available Members without internet access can obtain a hard copy of the report by applying in writing to the Secretary, Queensland Nurses' Union, GPO Box 1289, Brisbane Q 4001 or by phoning 07 3840 1444. According to one member, "every cent I've paid in union fees over many years has been worth it! I feel as if I have had my professional integrity restored".

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									Your	SaY

     TQN welcomes letters for           A different view                                    never would have predicted that she would
     publication.                       I just wanted to express my disapointment           be in a position where her professional good
                                        regarding the response from Melissa Graham          standing was under attack and continuation
       Letters should be no more
                                        on page 4 of the last tqn. She clearly knows        in her position was uncertain.
     than 200 words. Anonymous
     letters will not be published      very little about women centered care to be         “I do not believe I would have had the
     (we will consider withholding      able to comment.                                    strength to stand up and defend myself
     names, but do not accept           Having a caesarian section for some women,          against the accusations had it not been for
     unsigned letters).                 regardless of how much midwifery input they         the support of the QNU,” the member said.
       Photos may be colour or          have had, is in fact a reality and often the best   She went on to say: It is sometimes said by
     black & white.                     outcome for them and their unborn children          members that one should 'expect' the Union to
                                        at the time the decision is made.                   respond and support a member when in need.
      All material will go to the
                                        We all have to wake up to the realisation that      I believe that is a rather ignorant opinion of
     Editorial Committee.
                                        women centered care is delivered by a TEAM          how the QNU can support its members. The
       Send all material in the first                                                       work undertaken by staff of the QNU protects
                                        of clinicians, all with individual aspects of
     instance to:                                                                           not only the rights of nurses but also considers
                                        expertise, and this expertise is utilised to
        The Editor,                     varying degrees throughout the continuum            the human being involved and ensures that
        The Queensland Nurse,           of pregnancy, labour, birth and post birth          they are provided with a safe and supportive
        GPO Box 1289,                   care.                                               environment.
        Brisbane 4001                                                                       This has been an experience that I would not
                                        We all have to realise that lower intervention
     or by email to                     and caesarian section rates don't just come         wish to find myself in again, yet having been              from the work midwives do, but rather, the          through this and been validated, I believe my
                                        work that midwives do with obstetricians...         self esteem and confidence has been restored.
       Enquiries can be made
     to the Publications Officer        good consultation and referral is major part        I can assure you that my membership will
     on (07) 3840 1421 or email         of what contributes to better and improved          continue and I will remain
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