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									Making predictions about the future isn’t easy in any industry,
but it’s even tougher given the economic downturn of the last
year. In 2008, I predicted that the economy presented more of
an opportunity for our industry than a problem. Looking back
at all three of our shows in 2009 (Streaming Media East,
Streaming Media Europe, and Streaming Media West) we
saw record attendance, and I don’t think there are too many
shows that can say the same. The point isn’t that I’m such a
fabulous prognosticator; it’s that online video is on everyone’s
mind now. It’s no longer, “Oh yeah, we should do that too,” but
rather “Let's get it done...now.” Why ? Well, I could go on and
on, but I'd much rather introduce to you the thought
leaders of our industry in this special annual section,
Executive Predictions.

-Joel Unickow, Publisher

Predictions 2010
                                                                                   In 2010, OVPs will become even more sophisticated, open, and
                                                                               extensible, spawning further growth of the global ecosystem of
                                                                               technologies and services that interface with this fast-growing
                                                                               industry sector, adding value and generating business opportunities
                                                                               for partners, OVP vendors and customers.
                                                                                   In the midst of the broad, horizontal adoption of online video
                                                                               which is changing the way businesses and organizations
                                                                               communicate, we will also see a raft of changes in the media
                                                                               industry, most notably the widespread adoption of blended
                                         010 will be another exciting year     monetization strategies. Media businesses will roll out a number
                                     2   for online video. Consumer            of initiatives in 2010 that augment ad-supported content with
                                                                               premium access to online video based on subscriptions, micro-
                                     demand for high-quality online video
                                     across desktops and devices has           payments and community membership.
                                     sparked a number of industry trends           In the television broadcast space, programmers will experiment
                                     that will crystallize in the New Year.    with TV Everywhere initiatives, while at the same time bolstering
                                         Organizations and businesses from     direct-to-consumer online video offerings that offer direct control
                                     nearly every sector of industry and       over advertising, brand experiences, and fan communities.
                                     society have made online video a              Lastly, connected televisions and smart phone devices will make
                                     central part of the marketing mix.        significant strides in the quest to give consumers access to video
                                     With this proliferation comes a           content available on the open Internet. While still lacking an open
                                     complex set of requirements for           industry standard that gives consumers true portability for online
                                     publishing, delivery and distribution.    video across three screens, the new generation of devices promises
                                     In response to this trend, Online Video   to fuel further demand for online video and growth for the industry.
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                                     Platforms, or “OVPs,” will become an
                                     increasingly common addition to the
                                     suite of software and services website                                   Jeremy Allaire
                                     publishers rely on day-to-day.                        FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN, CEO | BRIGHTCOVE INC.

                                                                                 Prediction 2: Market structure asymmetry. Content owners
                                                                               make money and good margins, content producers don’t, the
                                                                               OVPs do, the CDNs don’t, and the infrastructure players do.
                                                                               These asymmetries will be the drivers behind dramatic changes
                                                                               in business models in 2010 and 2011.
                                                                                 Prediction 3: Consolidation shall commence. There are too
                                                                               many CDNs and too many OVPs. Every new industry sees too
                                                                               many entrants with insufficient differentiation. The game of
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